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  1. It works fine here, using IE6
  2. Download from here: The link is at the top where it says: Lightbox v2.03.3 Installed and tested this in 2 minutes ;) Nice contrib ;)
  3. I would like the RSS to generate specials only, not on the mainpage ;)
  4. I have now waited a while and havent heard or seen any response to my post here. Whats happening?
  5. Thanks a LOT, that solved it :D
  6. I would be using an image button. I would like the picture, name and price to be clickable, to take them to the products-page. And the "Buy now" button to add the item to the cart.
  7. Not really, I would actually like to have a button :D The related products will have "no attributes" and I would set "go to cart" to false.
  8. Hi Skittles and all other fellow contributors :thumbsup: Thanks for the update, I now have control over the rows and columns :D Is it possible to add a "Buy now"-Button below the price of each related product? :blush: Anyone??
  9. Is it possible to show only "Specials" instead of "New products"?
  10. Still this error when we come from search result page. Did anyone find a solution for this?
  11. I'd like to do this to ;) Anyone?
  12. There's a button template in the extras folder of MS2. I have started working on the norwegian translation. What should I do to register the translation and set the status to make sure the job isn't done twice? I have just made myself a password for the osCommerce Development Server ;)
  13. This is what I got now: This is what I like to achieve:
  14. I dont have a clue about javascripting :blush: I have tried to look for and change "<br>" or "/n" statements, I am lost :'( I want the contents in the dropdown to display in line, not as a list. Is there a way to configure this?