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  1. Greetz.


    How could I show a drop down menu as “manufacturers” has by default, but with categories?


    I like it very much when you clic once over the menu and the page reloads when you drop showing all the articles of the desired manufactured?


    I surfed a lot of osco sites but see not this feature.


    ...If this is not possible I would like to implemente the categories menu which expands when you roll the mouse over it.

  2. Hello mate, I am also starting my online web shop wich OsCo.


    I am choosing money bookers as the default ( and unique) payment processor.


    and writing money bookers to allow my shop to accept credit cards.


    just checking two tasks


    1) the rates are acceptable

    2) my sites complies with basic to medium leveles of transaction security, to make it trustable for my customers.


    we can share the experience