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  1. I suggest you upload it to a new location with the option of No Public Upload allowed, and create a new support thread as this one is far too long to find relevant posts. Most imporatntly, this contribution and support thread have been vandalised by some headless chicken who created a "New" version, "with completely re-written code", which was posted to another location with its own support thread, and claimed to be the best of the bests but only now to come back to "update" this original U SEO URLs. I wonder if that "best" version is, as claimed, that good, why bother here? Or mmore likely than not, many people are simply not convinced and still choose Jack's updated version given Jack's good reputation. Ali
  2. Do not contact me. You can contact member number 122078 instead. I work for him.

  3. This is the steps to restore the seo urls db entry (given that you already have the skills to interact directly with the db via phpMyAdmin): step 1: browse the configuration_group table, look for SEO URLs under the column configuration_group_title; step 2: after locating the record as mentioned in step 1, make a note of the configuration_group_id; step 3: click on the configuration table and then click on the Search menu at the top; step 4: locate the configuration_group_id under Field (or column as referred to above), then enter in the Value box the id you get in step 3; step 5: click on Go at bottom right that will list all SEO URLs records; step 6: select all records (Check All), then to the right of With Selected, click the red X to delete them; step 7: run the sql script that comes with the Ultimate SEO URLs addon (the version you use, you should start with the earliest version (posted in 2005) - if you can't get the earliest versions work then you can forget all the others and NEVER try to get you hands dirty by trying the so called version 5. It looks quite a few steps but you could finish doing it in a couple of minutes. If you have any problem, you should post here. As far as I can see (although I may not be the one who answers questions often or at all) this thread and this addon is quite active and alive. Good luck! Ali
  4. aligp

    [Contribution] Protx Direct v5 Support Thread

    What is wrong with that? Does it steal anything from anyone? It does not cost the site owner anything. Instead osc shop owners if signed up an new account, they will get 3 months free unlimited usage. In comparision to those who steal the name of osCommerce, that is a Saint! Ali