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  1. ecartz

    osCommerce 2.3.4-1 EDGE

    And yet, off the top of my head, I find https://www.nazzalstraumhochzeit.de/ https://honda4parts.nl/ In the EU and using Phoenix. It may not be for you. You'll have to make your own decision on that. But other EU shop owners seem to be using it just fine. Not to mention EU-adjacent shops in the UK, Switzerland, Russia, etc.
  2. ecartz

    Contribution Issue

    Your PHP version was updated to at least 7.2. This changed what used to be a Notice into a Warning. It was always wrong; it's just that your error reporting was hiding the notice until 7.2. To fix it, go to line 33 of that file. Look for something like [pages_html_text] and change it to ['pages_html_text'] If the code doesn't match, you can always post line 33 (and perhaps some context) for more review.
  3. ecartz

    Spanish translation osC Phoenix

    In the thread right below yours at the moment: which links to https://apps.oscommerce.com/f8hiQ&espanol-para-osc-ce
  4. ecartz

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    I don't think that's what he wants. I read it as wanting REMOVE SHOUTING to become Remove Shouting. What is often called Title Cased. So he may want ucwords to wrap either RemoveShouting or strtolower. if (isset($customer_details['company']) && MODULE_STORE_SWCLEANER_CLEAN_COMPANY == 'True') { $customer_details['company'] = ucwords(RemoveShouting($customer_details['company'], 'company')); } I.e. his problem is "INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES" is becoming "International business machines" when he wants "International Business Machines". I guess he's all right with IBM becoming Ibm.
  5. ecartz

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    I would expect that to come from an order total module. Have you looked at admin > Modules > Order Total to make sure that you have installed the module?
  6. ecartz

    Store Mode BS

    I think that if you do that, it assumes that you want to allow paymentless checkout. I.e. that enables checkout rather than blocking it.
  7. ecartz

    PayPal Express quit working...

    For 2.3.4, you should look at https://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/79-commercial-support-inquiries/ If you want to upgrade to Phoenix (which runs on PHP 7, including 7.2), you should join the Phoenix Club and use the resources there. Note that the most common reason for PayPal to fail is an outdated certificate file, which is probably within your capabilities to fix.
  8. That is incorrect. This add-on rewrites the tep_href_link function to require specifying whether the connection is SSL or non-SSL. Since that is not necessary in, there is a conflict. The add-on should be revised to not require choosing a "connection method" and just ignore the third parameter to tep_href_link. The expectation should be that more things will ignore the connection type in the future, further highlighting the difference between how this add-on handles it and how core does.
  9. ecartz

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I think that a "non-consecutive numerical sort order" is probably the best solution. Note that it doesn't need to be a database entry. A hook file in includes/hooks/system would work as well. The closest thing to documentation is the commit notes (and the commit itself): https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/commit/ae01e0d4d91b2e4a561735168ef4fbe6ba8e6899 Related commit: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/commit/d2adabebe2efbdcd28513c6057758cd25ed48fc4 I don't think that it is very complicated. HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG should always be used now, where previously it was only sometimes used (in the ENABLE_SSL false case). For the most part, this is just simpler. Because instead of having to check various things to determine the correct link, the code can just consistently use one thing. The old system was complicated, as it had to try to mix SSL and non-SSL pages. But this always uses whatever the HTTP_SERVER is configured to provide.
  10. ecartz

    Integration code project

    The better place to ask for osCommerce development is simple: https://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/79-commercial-support-inquiries/ For Phoenix, you should join the Phoenix Club and make use of the resources there: I could give you more specific help within the club.
  11. ecartz

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    if ( isset($trInfo->s2p_id) && ($s2p['s2p_id'] == $trInfo->s2p_id) ) { echo ' <tr class="dataTableRowSelected" onmouseover="this.style.cursor=\'hand\'" onclick="document.location.href=\'' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $trInfo->s2p_id . '&action=edit') . '\'">' . "\n"; $icon = tep_image('images/icon_arrow_right.gif', ''); } else { echo ' <tr class="dataTableRow" onmouseover="this.className=\'dataTableRowOver\';this.style.cursor=\'hand\'" onmouseout="this.className=\'dataTableRow\'" onclick="document.location.href=\'' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $s2p['s2p_id']) . '\'">' . "\n"; $icon = '<a href="' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $s2p['s2p_id']) . '">' . tep_image('images/icon_info.gif', IMAGE_ICON_INFO) . '</a>'; } That's replacing 112-116. Then at 128 <td class="dataTableContent" align="right"><?= $icon ?>&nbsp;</td>
  12. ecartz

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    if ((empty($_GET['s2p_id']) || ($_GET['s2p_id'] == $s2p['s2p_id'])) && (empty($trInfo)) && (!isset($_GET['action']) || (substr($_GET['action'], 0, 3) != 'new'))) {
  13. ecartz

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    The notice is suggesting that there is a problem in the display_input function of cd_wholesale.php such that the $input_id is not getting set. Perhaps a corrupted copy of that file? Or it's barely possible that there is one configuration where it does get set and another where it does not.
  14. ecartz

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    This has nothing to do with Rainer's Wholesale App (so this really isn't the right place to ask), but you should copy the latest version into includes/system/override (which you may have to create) and modify it there.
  15. Credit Google. Perhaps check what language_id the customer_data_groups table has? If that were 2 but it is 4 elsewhere, that could cause the fields to disappear entirely. I was thinking that you were saying that ENTRY_WHATEVER was appearing. But if you meant that it just isn't showing fields, an inconsistent language ID is possible. It's also possible that it needs you to go to admin > Localization > Customer Data Groups and enter those values manually, like you would with order statuses. I don't see anywhere that the language pack provides them. Of course, it would be harder to Google Translate files than stuff on the web, so I might be missing something in the instructions.
  16. I took a quick look, and the entry fields seem to be properly present in includes/languages/dutch/modules/customer_data/cd_email_address.php I could look again if you have a specific field that seems to be missing. But ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS is there, so it wouldn't seem to be a general failure.
  17. ecartz

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    I think that removing the line is the correct response. The class should be autoloaded in any newer version, so it shouldn't break anything. It should not be necessary to manually require/include anything under includes/system/versioned. Nor for that matter under includes/classes, includes/system/override, includes/modules, or includes/hooks.
  18. ecartz

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    It might be easier just to remove the requirement that the order status exist. LEFT JOIN orders_status s ON o.orders_status = s.orders_status_id AND s.language_id = " . (int)$languages_id . " WHERE Also consider the case where the missing order status is not 0.
  19. ecartz

    Shop auf Festplatte betreiben?

  20. ecartz

    Store Search Bar (BS)

    If someone deliberately locked the App, then Harald shouldn't change the status unless asked by the original developer. The whole purpose of locked Apps is so that someone can have a place where only their uploads are. Just create a new App. The new App can be unlocked if you want. Reading back, there are more than just two changes to get it working since the last release. A bunch of TABLE_CONFIGURATION to replace.
  21. ecartz

    Auto Update Currencies

    Debugging a similar error: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15835274/php-file-get-contents-failed-to-open-stream-connection-refused More results at https://www.google.com/search?q=PHP+Warning%3A++file()%3A+failed+to+open+stream%3A+Connection+refused+in
  22. If you want to try something before Rainer has a chance to look at it, consider changing if ($this->enabled == true) { to if ($this->enabled && !defined('DIR_FS_ADMIN')) { or if ($this->enabled && isset($_SESSION['cart'])) { Either of those should fix installing. So at least you could test more interesting things. Of course, there's some risk that this will break something else. So you could wait for Rainer to look into it.
  23. Note that CHARSET is still in the latest Phoenix: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/includes/languages/english.php#L34 It's almost certainly also present in the default Frozen. Perhaps you edited it out but need to put it back?
  24. ecartz

    Store Search Bar (BS)

    This suggests that there is something missing from your App install. As that isn't a core function. And includes/modules/content/header/cm_header_store_search.php isn't a core file. Note that tep_navbar_store_search is in that file. So presumably you broke something in one of your edits to that file. This isn't something that could be broken by folder structure changes, as it is in the same file.
  25. ecartz

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    The language class may have been moved, but it is unlikely it was removed. If that were the one and only problem, it could presumably be fixed if you explained what the actual problem was. If it's that there is code that you used to add immediately after the language code, then you can just move it into the i() function. Change if ( !self::$_singleton instanceof Usu_Main ) { self::$_singleton = new self; } to if ( !self::$_singleton instanceof Usu_Main ) { self::$_singleton = new self(); global $lng; self::$_singleton->setVar( 'languages_id', $_SESSION['languages_id'] ) ->setVar( 'request_type', $GLOBALS['request_type'] ) ->setVar( 'session_started', $GLOBALS['session_started'] ) ->setVar( 'sid', $GLOBALS['SID'] ) ->setVar( 'language', $_SESSION['language'] ) ->setVar( 'filename', $GLOBALS['PHP_SELF'] ) ->initiate( ( isset( $lng ) && ( $lng instanceof language ) ) ? $lng : [], $_SESSION['languages_id'], $_SESSION['language'] ); } And you can add the other change to includes/classes/application.php -- find $_SESSION['navigation']->add_current_page(); and add after it if (USU5_MULTI_LANGUAGE_SEO_SUPPORT == 'true') { include_once 'includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/includes/hreflang.php'; global $lng; $GLOBALS['usu5_multi'] = new FWR_hreflang( $_SESSION['navigation'], $_SESSION['language'], (isset( $lng ) && ( $lng instanceof language ) ) ? $lng : [], $GLOBALS['session_started'] ); } That's not the ideal solution, but it should get you around your immediate problem. A better solution would rename the file and/or class so that the autoloader would load it (no more include_once). And create a no-arg factory method for it that could be called from a hook. Then you wouldn't need to make a core edit. But if the only thing keeping you from using this App is that you can't find the code to edit in application_top.php, there it is. Presumably something like this is part of what piernas needs to test.