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  1. ecartz

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Phoenix

    You type @ and then the person's username. E.g. @dculley -- just as it looks. It will change the color and background automatically. You may need to have Javascript enabled for it to recognize the format.
  2. if ((!isset($_GET['oID']) || ($_GET['oID'] == $ticket_admin['ticket_admin_id'])) && (!isset($oInfo)) && (!isset($_GET['action']) || (substr($_GET['action'], 0, 3) != 'new'))) { $oInfo = new objectInfo($ticket_admin); } switch ($_GET['action'] ?? null) { if (!isset($_GET['action']) || (substr($_GET['action'], 0, 3) != 'new')) { Or just do $action = $_GET['action'] ?? null; at the top and replace all the $_GET['action'] with $action.
  3. ecartz

    [Contribution] Multi Pickup

    Try <td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_input_field('stores_title', ($cInfo->stores_title ?? null), 'maxlength="255" required="required" aria-required="true"'); ?></td> The default could also be an empty string or something else. But I think that null works there and that pattern can be used to keep the current behavior and suppress the notice. You're essentially saying, "Yes, I know it's sometimes not set. But I don't care when that happens." The true is an argument that used to exist but has been removed from core, so delete it and add to the input parameters as shown. In general, if your admin tep_draw_input_field call has more than three arguments, you should probably post it so it can be rewritten.
  4. ecartz

    [Contribution] Multi Pickup

    $stores_query = tep_db_query($stores_query_raw); while ($stores = tep_db_fetch_array($stores_query)) { if (!isset($cInfo) && (!isset($_GET['sID']) || ($_GET['sID'] == $stores['stores_id']))) { $cInfo = new objectInfo($stores); }
  5. ecartz

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    What version of osCommerce are you using?
  6. is on GitHub for anyone who wants to do a fresh install (as opposed to an upgrade from a previous version). 

  7. The SSL certificate is before the PHP software, so there is no osCommerce configuration to change when you change certificates. You should be able to follow the exact same process as with the WordPress website (minus changing from HTTP to HTTPS in the PHP files if that was an addition). The only time it would matter would be if you had SSL disabled in your configure.php files. But if you already have Comodo SSL working, then the exact same osCommerce configuration will almost certainly work for Let's Encrypt. It's just Apache/Nginx configuration that changes. It's also vaguely possible that the directory would change, but that seems unlikely. If you want to post your process for switching to Let's Encrypt, we could let you know which changes are WordPress configuration changes that you do not need to do. But the hard parts are what you have to do in cPanel and that's specific to your host. Some hosts allow you to just say, "Generate a Let's Encrypt certificate and use that instead of Comodo." Some hosts may require you to do some number of steps manually. We can't really help you with that portion of it. That's something to get support from your host to do.
  8. ecartz

    Password Protected Category

    It might be easier to do this at the mod_rewrite level. Or to make the password protection work in a different fashion. But the line for which you are looking is 316. echo ' <td align="center" class="smallText2" width="' . $width . '" valign="top"><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, $cPath_new) . '">' . $categories['categories_name'], '','' . '</a><br><BR><a class="hvr-grow" href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, $cPath_new) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $categories['categories_image'], 0,450) . '</a></td>' . "\n"; Presumably you want something like if ('8' == $cPath) { // revised code here } else { echo ' <td align="center" class="smallText2" width="' . $width . '" valign="top"><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, $cPath_new) . '">' . $categories['categories_name'], '','' . '</a><br><BR><a class="hvr-grow" href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, $cPath_new) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $categories['categories_image'], 0,450) . '</a></td>' . "\n"; }
  9. admin > Modules > Content > Sub Category List If it doesn't show, you may have to install it.
  10. ecartz

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    foreach($this->modules as $value) { $class = pathinfo($value, PATHINFO_FILENAME); $GLOBALS[$class] = new $class(); } } }
  11. ecartz

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    If you post the reset and while each lines (probably 28 and 29), someone might be able to give a suggestion.
  12. admin > Configuration > Stock Check Stock Level = true Subtract Stock = true Allow Checkout = false
  13. The error will tell you what it should be. For example if that is the correct value, then the error will tell you that it is using /data/www/my_website/public_html/ext/modules/header_tags/twitter_typeahead/includes/hooks When you see the ext/modules/ part, you know that the part that you want is to the left of it. It should end with a /
  14. ecartz

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Or actually, remove the entire build email step // lets start with the email confirmation $email_order = STORE_NAME . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER . ' ' . $order_id . "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL . ' ' . tep_href_link('account_history_info.php', 'order_id=' . $order_id, 'SSL', false) . "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED . ' ' . strftime(DATE_FORMAT_LONG) . "\n\n"; if ($order->info['comments']) { $email_order .= tep_db_output($order->info['comments']) . "\n\n"; } $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . $products_ordered . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n"; for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($order_totals); $i < $n; $i++) { $email_order .= strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['title']) . ' ' . strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['text']) . "\n"; } if ($order->content_type != 'virtual') { $email_order .= "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_DELIVERY_ADDRESS . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . tep_address_format($order->delivery['format_id'], $order->delivery, false, '', "\n") . "\n"; } $email_order .= "\n" . EMAIL_TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . tep_address_format($order->billing['format_id'], $order->billing, false, '', "\n") . "\n\n"; $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n"; $email_order .= $this->title . "\n\n"; if ($this->email_footer) { $email_order .= $this->email_footer . "\n\n"; } tep_mail($order->customer['name'], $order->customer['email_address'], EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); // send emails to other people if (SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO != '') { tep_mail('', SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO, EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); } and replace it with tep_notify('checkout', $order); as done in PayPal or in checkout_process.php.