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  1. Hello, You can't use PHP in the STS template file; it doesn't get read that way. If you want to do something like that, you would be better off with the BTS or just editing the files without a template system. In this case though, I don't think that you need to put the code there. Just make a new box that holds the link that you want and put the code in the box. I suspect that you can find an example of this in the main STS support thread. Hth, Matt
  2. ecartz

    receiving email with osC

    Even if you want to implement it yourself (for example, if you are maintaining your own server or you are a host), I would use squirrelmail or something like that (there might be a PHP equivalent) to do the webmail. Then if you wanted to make the glue into a contribution, that would be cool. The new login/session classes might be useful here, so you might want to build it off an MS3 snapshot. Hth, Matt
  3. In the most current version, I would try changing (around line 50 of includes/modules/payment/ccavenue.php): $Amount = $order->info['total']; to $Amount = $currencies->format($order->info['total'], true, 'RUP'); Note: you may have to replace 'RUP' with the appropriate three letter code for Indian Rupees. I am not familiar with that currency, so I am not sure of the code. You also might have to add logic to strip out the currency symbol from this. If that doesn't work for you, you could try looking at the currencies class directly and figuring the value using a variant of the code there. Hth, Matt
  4. ecartz

    Master Products - MS2

    The next version is supposed to support attributes IIRC (read through this thread and the Announcements thread to see what I saw). In the meantime, if you are only selling downloadable CDs (i.e. all your products are Master CDs and Slave tracks), then you could fudge the code to treat all the products as downloadable. Hth, Matt
  5. The two contributions can be used together. You have to merge the lines that each changes. In particular, the Sorter changes the order by clauses to the attribute and option queries. You need to add those changes to the queries that the option type feature provides. Hth, Matt
  6. You need to use $product_info or $product_info_values based on what appears in the code that you are editing. This was a variable that changed names not too long ago. Hth, Matt
  7. ecartz

    Master Products - MS2

    It's not a big deal, but the contribution copy of includes/application_top.php (lines 522-3) has different values for define('WARN_INSTALL_EXISTENCE', 'true'); define('WARN_CONFIG_WRITEABLE', 'true'); than the base install. This won't matter most of the time, but it could cause someone who is inexperienced and installs the contribution by copying over files to leave their store in an insecure state. Cheers, Matt
  8. ecartz

    Text Area Product Attribute?

    I've made a 255 character text area before. I'll see if I can find the code. If so, I'll add it to the File Upload contribution. Basically, you need to change the option value name field in customers_basket_attributes and orders_products_attributes to be varchar(255) and add an option type for text areas. Hth, Matt