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    Admin Load Time - strange this morning

    If you want, you can turn off the partner news and the other dashboard module that accesses the osC site. Then it won't matter.
  2. ecartz

    switching the site to https

    In the two configure.php files, change the things that say http: to https: Note that this assumes that your host is answering on https. If there's a problem with that, you'd have to take it up with your host.
  3. https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/commit/03411792e3fe0c344f6dbbb78dc92afcc2d3014a
  4. ecartz

    connecting to database issues

    Is your configure.php file pointing to the old database or the new database? Are you using MySQL or file sessions? Are your cookie settings for the dev location?
  5. ecartz

    Remove products that have the word sex in the title

    UPDATE products p INNER JOIN products_description pd on p.products_id = pd.products_id SET p.products_status = 0 WHERE pd.products_name LIKE '%sex%' Joins before set. You can see this in the documentation: UPDATE [LOW_PRIORITY] [IGNORE] table_references SET assignment_list [WHERE where_condition] Joins are hidden inside what it is calling table_references.
  6. ecartz

    PayPal transactions broken...?

    You might verify that you don't need to follow the steps at That was a problem in the UK last year. It may have spread to other countries this year. Note that if you use CE Phoenix, that wouldn't be a problem, as the file has already been updated.
  7. Note that these notices have been there all along. The update would only have revealed them. Most likely by defaulting display_errors to on. It should never be set on in production. So you should get that turned off regardless. In general, replacing $variable with (isset($variable) ? $variable : null) will get rid of the notices. However, this is essentially the same as just turning down the error reporting, as null is the default value of an undeclared variable. The notice is basically telling you that it is doing this for you. The real fix is often to code the add-ons differently. E.g. in if (false) { $variable = 'value'; } if ('value' == $variable) { If those are the only two occurrences, you could fix this by $variable = null; if (false) { $variable = 'value'; } if ('value' == $variable) { But watch out that it isn't really if (true) { $variable = 'default'; } // doing $variable = null here would overwrite the previous value if (false) { $variable = 'value'; } if ('value' == $variable) { Note that these statements do not have to be in the same file. There isn't a strictly mechanical solution. Removing the notices properly requires understanding why they are shown and changing appropriately to that particular situation. There isn't a simple rule to apply that would be better than turning down the error reporting. Sometimes the notice may be telling you that something is wrong. E.g. $typo = true; if ($tyop) { Which can be fixed by correcting the spelling in the second line.
  8. Shop version? Edit the error_reporting in includes/application_top.php in older versions. Or in the configure.php files in the latest Phoenix. Adding & ~E_NOTICE should suppress those messages. If it is already there, this may require a conversation with your host. Turn off display_errors in php.ini or however your host does it. This may require talking to your host, although some allow you to configure this yourself. It may help to refer your host to https://stackoverflow.com/a/54215956
  9. ecartz

    Where to buy templates for Phoenix?

    More constructively, if you want to exchange money to get a template implemented, there are resources in the Phoenix Club to get a quote or you could post in the Commercial Inquiries forum. I don't know of anyone creating an off-the-shelf template for Phoenix that you can just install. Phoenix has the capacity for drop-in templates. But no one is currently using it.
  10. That is a bad use of array_key_exists. Replacing it with if (isset($GLOBALS['customer']) && $GLOBALS['customer'] instanceof customer) { will always return the same answer and be faster. Because isset is faster than array_key_exists and because it saves the instanceof check in a circumstance when it always fails. The only time to use array_key_exists is when you need to know the difference between never set and defined but set to null. Which you don't here. Because if it is null, it is not an instance of customer. So the expression will return false whenever isset and array_key_exists return different results regardless of which is used. It is pretty rare to be in a situation where one should use array_key_exists. It gets recommended by people who are offended that PHP traditionally treated all undeclared variables as having a value of null. But the truth is that there are very few situations where one wants to know if something was not declared versus declared with a null value. And of course most of those situations can be fixed by simply setting explicitly to false rather than null. So it's pretty much only when interacting with someone else's code that one has any reason to use array_key_exists over isset. In this particular case, array_key_exists is itself slower and in addition, whenever it returns true and isset false, the instanceof will be false. So it will be even slower (because it does the instanceof check after getting a true from array_key_exists) to return the exact same result as isset. Note that (isset($GLOBALS['customer']) || array_key_exists('customer', $GLOBALS)) is faster (on average) than using array_key_exists alone. But as I said, in this particular case, you want a false result when the two differ anyway. So it's both easier and faster to just use isset.
  11. ecartz

    Thinking of Payment Gateway Integration: Choose ZaakPay

    Or to be more precise, replace " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " with configuration The change of case and removal of quotes is intentional. In this particular example, it would probably end up looking like tep_db_query("select configuration_value from configuration where configuration_key = 'MODULE_PAYMENT_ZAAKPAY_STATUS'"); There's probably more stuff on the same line that you would need to keep.
  12. ecartz


    This is telling you that there is no entry for the given product and language in the products_description table. Either switch to a language that does have an entry in the table or add an entry for your current language.
  13. ecartz

    fix 1525 error on website

    It occurs to me that it might need to be $banners_query = tep_db_query("SELECT banners_id, date_scheduled FROM banners WHERE date_scheduled > '2000-01-01' AND date_scheduled < NOW()"); Since you want to mask out zero dates. It's possible that $banners_query = tep_db_query("SELECT banners_id, date_scheduled FROM banners WHERE date_scheduled IS NOT NULL AND date_scheduled < NOW()"); would work. And considering what the function does, replacing the contents with tep_db_query("UPDATE banners SET status = 1, date_status_change = NOW(), date_scheduled = NULL WHERE date_scheduled IS NOT NULL AND date_scheduled < NOW()"); would most likely work and be simpler.
  14. ecartz

    fix 1525 error on website

    It seems almost certain it is this line: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/880761995f11435e4909a3aa734b0b4ee1f4ba4c/includes/functions/banner.php#L28 Which was in every release of osCommerce for fifteen years but has been gone from CE Phoenix since at least version Simple fix: switch from whatever version of osCommerce to the latest CE Phoenix. If you haven't gotten too far in your process, this may be simplest. More complicated fix: change the banner code to check against NULL rather than an empty string. Alternative fix: change the line to $banners_query = tep_db_query("SELECT banners_id, date_scheduled FROM banners WHERE date_scheduled < NOW()"); This will also produce fewer results and would allow you to simplify the PHP code.
  15. ecartz

    Shopping cart content class

    It's inadvisable to add more columns to cart->contents, as it is stored in the session. That's why price and other characteristics are loaded by get_products rather than stored in the cart. If you are making custom attributes, consider changing the products ID. That's how that has typically been implemented in the past. Or consider doing something like product bundles where the user sees one product but behind the scenes there is more than one. The quantity is set in includes/actions.
  16. The most likely to work setting is 444 (read only). But 644, 640, or 400 might work. This depends on how your host is set up. This is almost all outside osCommerce. Ask your host how to enable SSL. Again, that depends on how your host is set up. This may be as simple as flipping a switch or it may be complicated. With SSL enabled, CE Phoenix will automatically configure your store if you run the install procedure from the https URL. I.e. if your store is https://www.example.com/ then going to https://www.example.com/install/install.php should handle the configuration for you. Note that this will clear out any changes you already made to the database. It's also possible to enable SSL by manually editing the two configure.php files to replace http: with https: if you don't want to reset your store. In either case, you need to have the SSL working on the domain before you try to configure CE Phoenix. Those notices will be gone in the next version. If they are really bothering you, in the configure.php files change the error_reporting(E_ALL) to error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); Or simply set display_errors to false. Your host should offer a way for you to do this. It's PHP configuration. Again, the exact method is going to be different from host to host.
  17. 1. CE Phoenix (currently at is under active development and support. 2. The included shipping modules do not include dimensional support. There's a UPS module in the App Marketplace that claims to do so. The table shipping module does allow for shipping by weight thresholds.
  18. ecartz

    warning Cookie sameSite

    Note that supports sameSite cookies directly, defaulting to Lax and turning on secure when available.
  19. If it is, then updating to should fix it.
  20. ecartz

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Might this be the visibility settings on the order status? Try checking the settings for the status you are using for these orders at admin > Localization > Order Status.
  21. ecartz

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    What change is that?
  22. ecartz

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    I don't want to get in the middle of this conversation, but I do want to point out that that's not how it works. There is no minimum supporter level for anyone. There is at least one person who qualifies for that program but still participates at the lower level.
  23. ecartz

    Edge VS Frozen

    Yes. Or to be more precise, Phoenix is the new Community Edition and Edge was an older Community Edition.
  24. Is this a brand new install? Or an update of an older database? In an update, I would check that you are using the newer version of the address_format table.