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  1. ecartz

    Checkout when order total is $0

    Perhaps if ($credit_covers && ('free' !== $this->selected_module)) { $GLOBALS[$this->selected_module]->enabled = false; $GLOBALS[$this->selected_module] = NULL; $payment_modules = ''; } else { $GLOBALS[$this->selected_module]->pre_confirmation_check(); }
  2. ecartz

    Checkout when order total is $0

    That says that no payment module is selected. So I don't think that the problem is on checkout_confirmation but checkout_payment. Something is going wrong with the selection code. Perhaps post that. How are you setting $_SESSION['payment'] to be 'free'?
  3. ecartz

    Checkout when order total is $0

    If you change that section of code to if ( ($payment_modules->selected_module != $payment) || ( is_array($payment_modules->modules) && (sizeof($payment_modules->modules) > 1) && !is_object($$payment) ) || (is_object($$payment) && ($$payment->enabled == false)) ) { var_dump($payment_modules); var_dump(!is_object($$payment)); var_dump($$payment); exit(); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . urlencode(ERROR_NO_PAYMENT_MODULE_SELECTED), 'SSL')); } what do you get?
  4. ecartz

    Sessions And Carts

    I don't think that would be necessary. She would have to log in again to see his changes. I don't think logging off matters *except* that it allows to log in again. I.e. I don't think anything happens at log off. It's all at log in. It updates the saved cart immediately but it only reads from it at login. I'm thinking about what would be involved to check for that situation, and it doesn't seem trivial. It might be that the easiest solution would be to stop storing the cart products and quantities in the session. If they were always read from the database, then just refreshing the page would work.
  5. Compare it to the gift voucher balance available, not the amount applied. If the balance is sufficient, you can show the payment module. You may have to do more work if the user selects that module without applying the balance. Because presumably you want to deduct the amount from the balance before processing the order. But the question on the payment page is how someone is paying. And the answer in that situation would be with the voucher balance.
  6. Try if (!class_exists('order_total')) { require 'includes/classes/order_total.php'; } Or just delete the line entirely. If that doesn't work, you probably need to change the other place that has that line in one of the three ways (require_once, check if class exists, remove).
  7. Why not just modify Free Product Checkout to compare the order total to the gift voucher balance instead of to 0?
  8. ecartz

    SOAP Error

    Tell them that you can connect to https://api.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com/transaction/v12/wsdl in your browser but not from the site.
  9. Hello Matt.

    Please look at this message and if possible, please give an answer. This module is very important to me. Without an article manager, my store is useless and can't work.
    You are a great coder. You do everything at a high level. But for the kernel code you wrote to work successfully, you need the ability to adapt a large number of modules. Please help me figure out how to adapt complex modules for Phoenix. This will help not only me, but also many Phoenix users.

    Thank you for your great creative work and for the code you wrote.


  10. ecartz

    Fix special price based on percentage

    This would not be a small change. It might be easier to add a categories.preAction hook that checked if the product price changed and updated the specials price appropriately. This could involve a new column that would be a boolean for update or not. Or it could happen always. Then the catalog code would not need to change, only the admin behavior.
  11. ecartz

    SOAP Error

    It is saying that it is not getting what it considers a correct response from the endpoint. Firewall problem? Try asking your host for help. It also could have been the other end. But that seems to be working now (i.e. https://api.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com/transaction/v12/wsdl is returning what looks to be a valid WSDL). So if it's still broken, check with your host.
  12. You are using the code with an older database. In particular, you are missing this change: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/commit/81969c8891924ec281eb3ca26fb81d4946a7fa7d#diff-8e2028966f44d325bd969e19422a5e50d0ab727fa158192adddeaca0e5345e20 So either add the sort_order field to the proper tables (in something like phpMyAdmin) or reinstall.
  13. If that is what you wanted to do: remove the Catalog link and change the home icon to point where Catalog did previously. ITYM: in the bad old days, this required an edit to a core application file. In the good new days, this only requires a simple edit to a language file.
  14. In core, ignoring the payment module, the order is only inserted after payment is completed. So if you are seeing a behavior where the order is inserted prior to payment being made, then the payment module is doing that. And it would be the payment module's responsibility to delete the order if modifications are made. That needs to be done in addition to the core processes, because, as I said, the core solution is to not insert the order until after payment is made. In PayPal Standard, that is done in the confirmation method: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/b7bfcaccc3e2cd9641b9d0c8db2be1cecf250a11/includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php#L154 Note how it deletes and then reinserts the order under some circumstances. Without any knowledge of the Quickpay module's code, my guess would be that it is not doing that at some times (perhaps all times) when it should.
  15. ecartz

    Store Mode BS

    I think that if you do that, it assumes that you want to allow paymentless checkout. I.e. that enables checkout rather than blocking it.