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  1. riotwarehouse

    Header Tags SEO

    ave found that on my own THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I would never have found that on my own!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  2. riotwarehouse

    Header Tags SEO

    I am so sorry about my posts, i just realized i use google chrome browser and it is not friendly with this forum, now useing internet explorer i see how i can find what i am searching for.. again I am so sorry for posting here, please feel free to remove them ((edit)) ok i still cant find what i ws looking for so dont remove please another (((edit))) i looked and i suck at forums sry im dumb, can you link me to "path standard" fix? it appears above my banner... I am so trying not to be a burden, ive never really understood forums though... :(
  3. riotwarehouse

    Header Tags SEO

    ok found it, it started reading from catalog/includes/header.php ... dont know why but i rewrote that .. heh im getting good at this, but still havnt found the back up problem
  4. riotwarehouse

    Header Tags SEO

    Ok I fixed the banner, but i dont like it, now its reading my banner from images looking for store_logo.png i renamed my banner and moved it there but its not working from banner manager, and it should, I would still like to get the correct fix for this, I just dont know what file is telling it to read from there...
  5. riotwarehouse

    Header Tags SEO

    I have read every were and it says to do the same thing .. 1. Create a folder in admin named "backups" <--- my folder is already there 2. Check admin/includes/configure.php make sure define('DIR_FS_BACKUP', DIR_FS_ADMIN . 'backups/'); is there, and it is, other wise I couldnt post it... 3. Change permissions to the folder to 777 , done that as well , now i still get the error Error: Backup directory does not exist. Please set this in configure.php. In my admin page ... can anyone help me.. I have gave myself three head aches trying to figure this out.... Also! My banner changed when I added "headertags_SEO" to my site... it reset to OsCommerce banner and I cant get it to change back! Please help! When I go to admin banner manager and load the pic i want to use, (like i did befor headertags_seo) it dont work... I am new to php stuff but have a good brain, but im stumped..;. Both problems occured after headertags_php install