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  1. YEAH ME. I found it myself. This is what I did: $this->types = array('EXPRESS' => 'Express Mail', /*'FIRST CLASS' => 'First-Class Mail',*/ 'PRIORITY' => 'Priority Mail', 'PARCEL' => 'Parcel Post');
  2. I was unable to get it to work for multiple shipping methods as you did it. But I put the if statement for each one I didn't want and it is working. if ($service != 'First-Class Mail International Large Envelope**') if ($service != 'Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)**') if ($service != 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular') Thank you so much. But now can you tell me where I do this for USPS domestic? I have a company that I normally pay to do this stuff if I can't do it myself but they are taking too long to get back to me and I need this changed asap. Plus it always makes me feel good to do it myself.
  3. Thank you, but can you tell me where I would put this exactly. And am I putting the services in here that I don't want? Appreciate your help.
  4. I'm having the same problem. I just had to change my Internation shipping and now all shipping features are available. I only want Priority and Express.
  5. This worked for me also but I don't want to offer all the shipping methods that it gives. How do I limit it to just Priority and Express? I have tried deleting or making them into comments but obviously I'm not doing it in the right place.