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  1. trixta

    BTSv1.2 Support

    hi, is there a template to design the new proudcts in ..., upcomming products... or have i to make changes in the code?
  2. trixta

    BTSv1.2 Support

    npw the shop with bts looks fine, but i have one question: how can i use templates for designing new_products, upcomming_products etc. locatet in the module directory?
  3. trixta

    BTSv1.2 Support

    hi, i have fixed the second problem too. it was a very personell problem, cause i?m working on a fresh installed operating system and my ftp client was missconfigured and has not overwritten files in subdirectories. about the first problem: i am using the newst bts and new ms2. your changes in the template are visibel. but this problem is fixed with this workaround, i told and i think it is a very server specific problem so no need to worry about it.
  4. trixta

    BTSv1.2 Support

    sorry about my english. it is not very well. first of all, i had a problem with the installation of bts in tow ways, but i have fixed it so just for your information: after installing there was a error message like this: Warning: main(templates/CSS/TEMPLATENAME_MAIN_PAGE): failed to open stream: No such file or directory it is not the same error wich appear if u do not install the bts.sql or do not change css -> CSS- i had to include the configure_bts directley in the index.php ( require('includes/configure_bts.php');) although, it is includet in the application_top yet. i think it is a server specific problem. my new problem is that i don?t can or i don?t know how to design the infoboxes. if i make changes to \catalog\templates\CSS\boxes\box.tpl.php or \catalog\templates\CSS\boxes\currencies.tpl.php it does not take affect on the design. do you know how can i fix this? plz help!!!!