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  1. celsius

    Easy Meta tags

    Not sure if this has been asked, but does this work with php4? Thanks.
  2. celsius

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    First of all, nice contribution! Got it working in just a few minutes :) The only issue I'm having is that it doesn't quite show properly on Internet Explorer (using IE6). It works perfectly in Firefox. So here's the issue: My layout is the typical Category box on the left column, then directly underneath it the Manufacturer box. When I mouse over any of the menu in Category, it properly shows the corresponding submenus. Let's say I have quite a number of categories (submenus). But the manufacturer box (the stock drop down box) blocks my submenus. In Firefox, it doesn't, so you can see the submenus perfectly fine. Any ideas?. Thanks!
  3. Don't worry about it, I think you have to have the model numbers to begin with, so I just manually updated all my products by adding product model numbers on each and now the table updates properly. Thanks anyway :)
  4. Hello again. I've run into another problem and it seems someone else had the same issue: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=281055 Seeing that the post was on page 3 of the thread and was posted 5 years ago and there didn't seem to be an answer (though there might be a hundred pages later :P), I thought I'd ask here if anyone could help with this issue. So I've manged to download the file to show all the products. My initial products table does not have products_model (ie NULL). So I thought before I made further changes or added new products, I wanted to populate the existing products with products model number. After editing the file (adding the model numbers), I uploaded the file back into the database and I selected "Update Only" then clicked on the button "Insert into db". Then nothing happened. It had the message: File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpmxywKh User filename: EP2009May31-0404.csv Size: 53092 But that was it. I checked my products table and it stayed the same (products_model was still NULL). Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. You're absolutely right! Thanks so much for this :)
  6. Hi there, Just installed this contribution and I downloaded the complete .csv file from the quick link (on admin) and found that not all my products got downloaded. I have 77 rows (77 products) but only 69 got downloaded. When I selected "Download Model/Price/Qty .csv file to edit" then it would download the whole list of products. I played around with the php.ini and changed the settings there (such as maximum_memory etc) but that doesn't appear to do anything. Any ideas as to what's happening here? Thanks in advance.