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  1. 1 hour ago, yahalimu said:

    Still getting many errors when using discount codes, mostly just 1pence out but this one many pence out.

    The totals plainly do NOT add up to the grand total.


    Total should be £362.96 according to the totals.

    I think the VAT is calculating incorrectly as £363.06 is actually correct. (£308 - 5%)  + £9.95.... VAT should be  £60.51 which wpould then all add up to £363.06


    Hello Iain,

    I'll try to reproduce and check this when I'll find some time.

    I would need more details:

    • Your tax rate
    • does shipping include tax
    • your tax decimals
    • other modifications you applied to related settings and/or files



  2. This file is ok regarding the line ends.

    I understand that you can't recreate the problem. But, I could see it in several occasions under different scenarios and from at least 3 different users like explained above.

    It would be interesting to know if other users can reproduce it.

  3. 9 minutes ago, ecartz said:

    When I try editing the corrupted version of the file, I get either CRLFCRLF or LFLF depending on whether I do the replace before saving.  A better replacement might be

    $file_contents = preg_replace("{\r+\n}", "\n", stripslashes($_POST['file_contents']));


    Tested and works for my case.

  4. 2 minutes ago, burt said:

    What's going on? 

    1. You are amending the file via the admin/define_language.php
    2. You are then downloading the file via FTP
    3. You are then amending the file in notepad++

    At point 3, you see CR and LF etc everywhere ?


    Yes, I'm seeing then the first screenshot of my first message.

  5. Thanks Matt,

    I checked with 2 more servers and different PHP and Phoneix versions and get everywhere the same result. Sure you checked the file in Notepad++ or similar after editing in admin/define language.php?

    Server 1 (where the problem was discovered)

    Apache 2.4.43
    PHP     7.3.17 (Zend 3.3.17)

    Tested with UNIX, Windows and Mac endlines in original file. All same result => duplicated CR’s

    Also tested with Phoenix admin/define_language.php => same result

    Server 2:

    Server OS    Linux 3.10.0-862.3.2.el7.x86_64
    Apache (unknown)
    PHP    7.1.33 (Zend 3.1.0)

    => Same problem

    Same Server with Pre Frozen EDGE version => same problem

    Server 3

    HTTP Server:    Apache/2.4.43
    PHP Version:    7.2.30 (Zend: 3.2.0)
    Phoenix v1.0.2.5

    => Same Problem


  6. When using the language file editor in Admin : Tools : Define Languages duplicated CR's are introduced in the file.

    This looks when edited in Notepad++ like this:


    Tested with Phoenix UNIX server and edited under Windows with Firefox..

    This is probably an old problem which existed through all previous versions. As I do not use the built in editor I didn't realize the problem berfore.

    Has this been discussed before. Is there any possibility to address this.

    The original core file looks like this:




  7. Hallo Bert,

    The general forum's language is English.

    You can post in the German Community in German language:


    Then the answer to your question depends on your Store version. You should always tell us which OsCommerce version you are running.

    If it's Phoenix or a previous Bootstrap version with modular navbar, you'll have to install the language navbar module under: admin : modules : navbar/navbar modules : click: "Install Module" : select "Language" : click "Install Module".

    If it's an older version (not recommended) there is a language box module and I believe also a header module.


  8. 59 minutes ago, LeeFoster said:

    Can the code be amended to change the formatting? Happy to look into it myself if it is possible.

    I would say it is not possible because the product and category IDs are mandatory for it to work.


    SEO URL5 can't do this neither. The only SEO URL AddOns which do this are as far as I know:

    which is not updated and maintained any more and will not work with Phoenix

    SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach
    Which probably need some update or not. But the author still maintaines it.

  9. 17 minutes ago, Patty said:


    I believe it's just the PI side that needs to be duplicated and then add the KissIT functions, right? Just please point me in the right direction and I'll try to do the rest.

    Yes, and you Only need to add the image size constants to the tep_image function.

  10. The KissIt Gallery module is not updated yet for the Pi system.

    However it should be pretty simple to update and use the core module for KissIT. The only difference is that the KissIt module uses the KissIt Main Image size constants.

    Please compare the modules.

    If you are not able to solve this, please wait for the Phoenix release and the correspondant KissIt image update.

  11. - PayPal direct payments
    - GoDaddy hosting
    - FROZEN store
    - PHP 7.1
    - complete store under SSL

    since some days (maybe weeks, last correct payment registered 4th of April) the paypal dp doesn't work
    - payments get registered
    - response array is empty
    - no order created, customer gets redirected to shopping cart
    - empty error in URL

    was working correct before
    PayPal express still working correct
    same (sandbox) credentials still working in other installations/hostings

    looks like the server blocks the paypal response

    Tested with vanilla FROZEN and Phoenix installation under subdirectory => same results

    Any clues/ideas?

    Thanks in advance


  12. 1. Timeframe is not possible because it depends on Phoneix version release which is not up to me.

    2. I believe this is clear enough:


    Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.1.1.


    Update for Phoenix,

    As i do not know in advance what will be changed in future Phoenix version updates, I can't know in advance if and with which version it will break.

    3. Please read and consider this:

    Emphasis in:


    Remember that you should not be running a point release on a live shop unless you are able to fix problems yourself or wait for a coder to fix them (ie no kneejerk "this is broken" reactions)...


  13. 39 minutes ago, yahalimu said:


    Thanks for a great addon, seems to work well.

    Can anyone help me on how to implement a small change?

    I use some Quickbooks import code which complains the totals do not add up properly when the discount is greater than 2 decimal places, due to rounding errors.

    Rather than change the Quickbooks import code, which would then import an invoice with slightly different totals to the website, an easier fix would be to round up or down the discount value so it doesn't go to 4 decimal places. i.e. just  down to 2 decimal places.

    Where do I change the code to do this?


    includes/modules/order_totals/ot_discount.php line 286:

                                    'value' => -$discount);

    or just before the output array round the $discount variable.

  14. 1 hour ago, herbsandhelpers said:

    Hello Raiwa,

    Don't want to sound cheeky but I've just uploaded a brand new store: Installed Version: OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.5.8

    and tried to install your latest Wholesale SPPC lite 4.1.1

    It seems the file modifications don't exist in admin/customers.php I tried uploading the modified file but it completely broke everything. 

    Puzzled can Wholesale SPPC lite 4..1.1 be put onto the above phoenix version?

    Thanks in advance,




    Wholesale 4.1.1 is  for Phoenix

    It will probably be updated for Phoenix release.

  15. 25 minutes ago, PiLLaO said:

    Hi @raiwa

    I'm getting an issue on checkout_process.php with the hook, seems to not be loaded.

    To dismiss causes, is possible that after update hooks system cause this hook not load without a "fix"?


    Which Phoenix version?