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  1. Hello Lorraine @herbsandhelpers,

    It seems there is a confusion. My Wholesale (SPPC Lite) App does not include support for to hide categories/products for wholesale groups.

    You probably are using and referring to the old, original Separate Pricing Per Customer Addon:


    As far as I know  it has not yet been updated for Phoenix. Please post in that support thread for you issue.

    Kind regards and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

  2. 28 minutes ago, artfulweb said:

    OK Matt, the one from the link is a total disaster on Phoenix, php 7.38 with all the undefined constants, "uncaught errors" and the original error I posted so looks like I have to abandon this. Too bad because I had great standings in Google with my websites! 

    On 8/15/2018 at 3:42 PM, piernas said:

    @phi148 I think I fixed the issue. Can you please test it?



    You should try this version:

    If it still throws errors, contact the maintainer @piernas if he can update it for Phoenix


  3. 11 hours ago, hungryfrank said:
      function process2() {


    It looks like you have duplicated the function or module. This would explain why you get the discount duplicated.

    Instead to duplicate the function/module, do this:

    global $PHP_SELF;
    if ( basename($PHP_SELF) == 'order_editor.php') {
    here your mod
    } else {
    here the original code

    For further support on this, please post in the order editor support thread. This is primary an order editor problem, not a discount code issue.

  4. Sorry I can't follow up this problem with the info you are giving.

    52 minutes ago, hungryfrank said:

    it is working perfectly.i had to make some minor changes in your function.

    Which exact changes? only what you posted in the first message, or more?

    52 minutes ago, hungryfrank said:

    the only thing is that I think sometimes after you call this function this value gets added to the total again by the shop itself . sometime in the buying process. and you deduct it twice here to compensate for that.

    Please elaborate with concrete examples. Where/when does it get added? in checkout_confirmation.php?

    What do you mean by "sometimes", any rule for this?

    Where is it deducted twice??


    Try to check if it occurs due to your modification. If yes, apply your mod only for the order editor.

    If ( basename($PHP_SELF) == 'order_editor.php') {
    here your mod
    } else {
    original code

    If it happens also with the original code, I mean it's inherit in the unmodified code, then post a concrete example which I can try to reproduce.

    - all discount details

    - payment module

    - shipping module

    - list of all order total amounts given in checkout_confirmation.php



  5. 33 minutes ago, Kurre said:

    What i want is one logo for pc/tablet and one smaller one for mobiles, is there such a module ?

    As far as I know no.

    What I do is just to use the core store logo module and duplicate the line with the image call. Then hardcode your small logo image name and add a bootstrap responsive class to show the small logo only on xs and sm and the big logo on all other viewports.


  6. @Kurre,

    This module is not intended to be used to show a different logo for mobile and desktop view. It is intended to show the optimized size of the same logo for each device size/resolution.

    If you wish to show different logos for mobile and desktop/tablet, you have to use the bootstrap helper classes. It's a different approach.

  7. 33 minutes ago, Kurre said:


    You could give the modification posted by Stefan a try:

    On 7/5/2018 at 4:22 PM, Stephan Gebbers said:
        echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link('index.php') . '"><picture>
    	      <source srcset="' . $store_logo_big . '" media="(min-width: 1200px)" />
    	      <source srcset="' . $store_logo_medium . '" media="(min-width: 800px)" />
    	      <img src="' . $store_logo_small . '" title="' . STORE_NAME . '" alt="' . STORE_NAME . '" class="img-responsive no-watermark"/></picture></a>';[code]

    Check also your resolutions, if viewed with a retina (high resolution device) it may take the big image even it is a small mobile screen.

  8. 4 hours ago, PiLLaO said:

    Since 2015 with ECMAScript 6, pure javascript it's more easy to use, near to jQuery but you don't need to load and extra file.

    If you use de "order editor" addon, you can view that not use jQuery and have ajax.

    The tendency is to program in pure javascript.

    GitHub removes from his frontend jQuery: https://github.blog/2018-09-06-removing-jquery-from-github-frontend/

    Hello Gustavo @PiLLaO,

    JQuery is core on admin and store side and used in many core files, PayPal App, core header tags, core hooks and other third party apps. So I really do not see any need for the suggested mod to pure javascript.

  9. @Dnj1964,

    Better go for the version which includes a small error fix:

      osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions
      Copyright (c) 2019 osCommerce
      Released under the GNU General Public License
      $cl_box_groups[] = array(
        'heading' => BOX_HEADING_CATALOG,
            'apps' => array(
            'code' => null,
            'title' => null,
            'link' => null