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  1. You must have a very old version installed. Please update to the latest available version for your OSC  store version.

    This will solve the error message and the newer versions also include the required modifications for PayPal express to filter the retrieved data.

    As you do not say which is your store version, I can’t tell you which is the correct one for you.

    The official support thread is:


    Please post your support questions there.

  2. Please post a screenshot.

    10.4 is not a valid Phoenix version, please be precise.

    When adding a new product, it will not show. You have to save the product first, then edit.

    Or better duplicate an existing product and edit, this is what 99.9% of users do.

  3. 1 hour ago, burt said:

    I cannot see the thread either. 

    Some time back last year...a lot of threads went missing due to a cock-up.
    Can only assume this was one of those threads, caught up in that.

    OK, thanks I'll open a new one.

  4. 41 minutes ago, greasemonkey said:

    Ok, I got it to run.... weird (not sure why it didn't run on the index.php last night)... It ran only when I went to the product_listing

    Maybe no images on index.php?

  5. 11 minutes ago, koopmanh said:

    Hi I tried to install this contribution on my testshop (not phoenix but the gold edition).

    When I checkout and made a full payment with points I got the following error: 

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class hook_shop_checkout_process_points in /testshop/includes/hooks/shop/checkout_process/points.php on line 27

    Somewhere  this class is already declared but I don't know where. 



    The Phoenix version is not compatible with BS GOLD.

    You should use this BS version:


    I'm sorry but support for GOLD is no longer available from my side. You have to debug on your own, sorry.

    Best regards

  6. Hello Scott @greasemonkey,

    I just checked and yes, the thread is not available.

    @burt, seems your message box is full, so info on this way:

    The old KissIt Image Thumbnail support thread is not available. Any reason or just a mistake?


    It shows:

    Sorry, there is a problem

    We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

    Error code: 2F173/1

    1 hour ago, greasemonkey said:

    I've just installed v3.0 in a new Phoenix - and it would seem the DB install is not running on catalog page load.

    What triggers catalog\includes\modules\kiss_image_thumbnailer\db_install.php?

    It's triggered within the modified tep_image function. So you need it to be modified, then load a store page and it should install.

    1 hour ago, greasemonkey said:

    Also (keep in mind I'm not nearly as smart as most...lol).... can the changes to admin/include/functions/general.php not be moved to a siteWide admin hook?

    It is not possible. It requires another core change to allow to overwrite the core tep_image function. It has been discussed already elsewhere.


  7. On 1/7/2020 at 1:05 AM, domiosc said:

    the actual translations they lose part of the meaning or are very long being literal translations, have typos, define missing/over and others...

    Hello Vicent @domiosc,

    I'm awaiting your corrections and suggestions to update the package together with Ron's fixes.

    If you are not familiar with GitHub to push it there, you can always send me a PM  with the corrected files or a detailed list of your corrections. Just please do not send the complete package with your version. It would be too much work to search for your changes.

    Thanks and kind regards

  8. 12 minutes ago, RonCain said:

    Hi Raiwa

    Thanks for the feedback, here is the error I was getting:

    PHP Warning:  Use of undefined constant REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH - assumed 'REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in .../includes/languages/espanol.php on line 73

    when compared to English and French lines 73 and 74 do not exist and once removed the error goes away; but I do not know if the code has been moved to another module or not.


    Ok, makes sense. Thank you

  9. 2 hours ago, pete2007 said:
    We have this discount code setup, everything is working as it should.
    But I have recently noticed a problem, we have a valid discount code setup to use as a one-time use only but we have found out that customers who pay using PayPal Pro (card payments) can use the code over and over again.
    Please can someone help us fix this problem?
    Thank you in advance.

    Hello @pete2007,

    The PayPal Pro module pypasses the standard checkout_process.php similar to the paypal standard module. It requires therefor a similar modification like that module to include the database update of the use of the discount coupon.

    This is not yet implemented. I'll include it in the next update and let you know when if it is available. It would be great if you could do some beta testing because I do not use the PayPal Pro module myself. Let me know and I'll post the update here before releasing.

    Best regards

  10. 3 minutes ago, RonCain said:

    Hi Raiwa


    I noticed that line 73 and 74 have been deprecated in OSC CE Phoenix and now cause a PHP declaration error. I have removed them from my shop as I believe they are now unnecessary.

    I hope this is good information and will helpful as I am not any master coder. Please follow up and let me know.


    Thanks Ron, I'll await more corrections from Vicent and update it. But this should not produce any error if the definitions are not used any more. It can produce errors if the same definitions have been moved to another file and are now duplicated. But this is not the case.

  11. Dear Vicent @domiosc,

    I believe there is a misunderstanding.

    I was and I am always open for teamwork. The origin of the actual version was a teamwork between 4 members of the forum @piernas, @PiLLaO, @TITO4 and me, like you can see in the instruction file.

    When I say it is maintained by one developer I wanted to say that this is a fact since a couple of years, not a desire.

    The original team was working together in the update of a previous standard version to an EDGE version and then to FROZEN.

    SInce then I'm maintaining and updating alone, except for some error reports from @valquiria23.

    I'm not a native spanish speaker, but living in Spain since almost 30 years. So it might be understandable that there are some literal translations of the newer definitions.

    I would be very happy to get again a team built up which for sure will see more than only 2 eyes.

    How this can be realized is the question. Until now we have the GITHUB repository:


    The preferred way would be to push any fixes or suggestions there.

    As I pointed out, I have no experience with the platforms you mention and just no time to try them out and decide which would best fit what we need. I have already a lot of work to keep the existing 3 places up to date: GitHub repository, App on the marketplace and on my WEB.

    If it is easy and fast to use one of your suggested platforms and link it to the already existing, lets do it. But please, if you have any experience, decide which platform and do the setup there. Maybe the maintainers of the other languages would be also interested and jump in: @cupidare (german), @Fredi (russian) and @Denkster (Dutch).

    For the errors, suggestions please take in consideration the following details we agreed in the original translation team:

    - upper/lower case follows the pattern of the english original. It doesn't follow the strict ortographic rules.

    - We didn't consider it necessary to translate absolutely everything on the admin side. Because all the configuration entries and module descriptions are also in english and translation is not supported by the system (monolingual database entries)

    - my Spanish package is oriented to the Spanish localization in Spain. Latin America and other regions will need to produce their own localized version.

    Please let me know your thoughts and how we can proceed.

    15 hours ago, RonCain said:

    I noticed in the espanol modules that line 73 and 74 have been deprecated in OSC CE Phoenix and now cause a PHP declaration error. I have removed them from my shop as I believe they are now unnecessary.

    Hello Ron,

    Please post the full path and filename where to find the mistake. I'll then be pleased to fix it. Or better push an request to the GitHub repository.

    Thanks to both of you and kindest regards

  12. Hello Lyn @ce7,

    Which versions (Phoenix/OsC, Tax info) are we talking about.

    The code you provide dosn't seem to be the complete code.

    Please post ALL the changes (original AND modified code).

    Anyway, as far as I can see, this is not related to the Display tax info module.

    Best regards

  13. Hello Lorraine @herbsandhelpers,

    It seems there is a confusion. My Wholesale (SPPC Lite) App does not include support for to hide categories/products for wholesale groups.

    You probably are using and referring to the old, original Separate Pricing Per Customer Addon:


    As far as I know  it has not yet been updated for Phoenix. Please post in that support thread for you issue.

    Kind regards and a Happy and Prosperous New Year