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  1. I'll see, it could be just added as an alternative module.
  2. Search by Price Infobox

    Updated version for CE Frozen uploaded: Shop by Price BS v.4.8. Shop By Price for osc2.3.4.1. CE Frozen, EDGE and GOLD, Ver. 4.8, on 16 June 2018 PHP 5.6 - 7.2 Changes in Shop By Price v4.8 - updated for CE Frozen - Updated template naming and auto inclusion in content modules - Updated each function for PHP 7.2 - added in_stock, is_special and manufacturer_id to queries in shop_by_price.php for data tags support
  3. QTPro BS

    New version 5.6 for CE Frozen uploaded: QTpro BS 5.6. Compatibility: OsC CE Frozen PHP: 5.6 - 7.2 Changes versus QTpro 5.5r1 BS - Updated for CE Frozen - Updated template naming and auto inclusion in content modules - cleaned code and fixed undefined errors in stats_low_stock_attrib.php - updated included modified core files to CE Frozen - included modified action class "add_product.php" - updated hook for auto register naming convention - tested with PHP 7.2 Version 5.5r2 for 2.3.4.(1.) EDGE included Changes versus QTpro 5.5r1 BS - fixed missing function error in shopping cart module
  4. QTPro BS

    QTPro BS 5.0 I'm working on a new version based on QTpro for osc 2.3 version 4.6.1 plus newer updates and fixes. Planned Changes: coding updates for latest 2.3.4 BS EDGE Community version with hardcoded filenames, database table names, paths and superglobals content modules for product info, shopping cart hooked modifications or separate functions where possible to avoid core file changes (stock checks etc in checkout pages) final product prices shown in option/attribute combinations on product info page also for more than one option/combinations general code clean up language constants/definitions for all texts for full multilanguage support To do list: update qtprodoctor.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions update stats_low_stock_attrib.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions update stock.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions replace mods in admin/boxes/tools.php by separate file replace mods in admin/boxes/reports.php by separate file avoid mods in admin/includes/functions/general.php load function file in modules replace core function mods by own functions? modularize product info options modularize product info stock table versions for Modular Product Page by kymation alternative product listing module for modularized shopping cart order class extension to avoid mods in core order class replace all mods in checkout files by hooks? check compatibility with ajax attribute manager add support for attribute sort order update instructions It would be great if there appear testers for the mods. Who has the old version already installed: - replace the admin files - upload and install the product info content modules and (IMPORTANT!) uncomment the complete options/attributes section in product_info.php For new installations: - instructions are not updated yet follow the old instructions except A.: don't modify admin/includes/boxes/tools.php and reports.php, upload the nwe files instead B.: upload and install the product info content modules and (IMPORTANT!) uncomment the complete options/attributes section in product_info.php instead to apply the mods Most important for now are the changes in the product info option modules to show final prices according to the option selection even if there are muliple option combinations (single drop down and single radios) GitHub repository Thanks and best regards Rainer
  5. The order totals module included in ship in cart: https://apps.oscommerce.com/YLYGm&ship-in-cart-bs-reloaded will at least show the tax for the selected country (and zone) for guests in the shopping cart. These modules (shipping and order total for guests) might be a starting point to create a navbar module for guest- country (state) selection to show the products price everywhere with accurate tax. You gave me an idea for this, I'll try when I finished updating all my add-ons to CE Frozen and find some time. A nice addition (right now only for logged in customers) might be: Display Tax Info
  6. new version uploaded: Featured Products BS v1.5. Changes version 1.5: - Updated for CE Frozen - Updated template naming and auto inclusion in content modules - updated deprecated each function in featured_products.php - fixed undefined messages in admin/featured.php and admin/select_featured.php - sanitized search input in admin/select_featured.php - Added "is-product" class and "data-is-special" in content modules and featured products page - Added "data-has-attributes", "data-in-stock" and "data-product-id" to "buy" buttons in content modules and featured products page.
  7. Yes, it's tested and ok for CE Frozen:
  8. [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Uploaded update: Sloppy Words Cleaner 3.1 Compatibility: OsC CE Frozen, OsC 2.3.4.(1.) Bootstrap Community Editions GOLD and EDGE OsC 2.3. to 2.3.4 Standard - ISO and UTF-8 encodings supported PHP: 5.3 - 7.2 ================================================================ Changes versus Sloppy Words Cleaner 3.0 - fixed code for PayPal express and espress payflow - tested with CE Frozen and PHP 7.2
  9. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    You can just overwrite the files. There is nothing changed in the new version what could produce this error. You should set the image sizes both, width and height or none and better fixed px sizes. Anyway the image-responsive class is used, so sizes will be adapted to available space. html with images shouldn't be a problem. KissIt image thumbs are only created if using tep_image function. If using <img src=... it doesn't interact.
  10. Password protect site

    You can use the store mode add-on to do it: https://apps.oscommerce.com/XTWqf&store-mode-bs
  11. You probably need also the ship in cart add on: https://apps.oscommerce.com/YLYGm&ship-in-cart-bs-reloaded or some additional code loading the ot modules already on the checkout payment page.
  12. You could try the following: in ot_inselfee.php session register the variable with the extra charge and add it to globals list: function process() { global $order, $currencies, $cart, $inselfee; ...................... tep_session_register('inselfee'); $this->output[] = array('title' => $this->title . ':', If you need to add tax, use another variable name and add tax. Then in includes/functions/redemptions.php do this: function calculate_max_points($customer_shopping_points) { global $currencies, $order, $inselfee; $max_points = ($order->info['total']+$inselfee)/MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_POINTS_REWARDS_POINTS_REDEEM_POINT_VALUE; You could code it a bit cleaner checking for tep_not_null($inselfee) and if (!tep_session_is_registered('inselfee')) {, but it should work. For my example I get this: Sub-Total: $69.99 Flat Rate (): $5.00 Inselzuschlag: $5.00 Points Redeemed: -$79.99 Total: $0.0
  13. Hello Peter @Yepi, I believe you mean this case when there are enough points to cover all order cost and it doesn't apply points on the extra charge: Sub-Total: $69.99 Flat Rate (): $5.00 Inselzuschlag: $5.00 Points Redeemed: -$74.99 Total: $5.00 For this you would need to add coding for the ot _module in: includes/functions/redemptions.php within the "calculate_max_points" function: $path_points = ($order->products[$i]['price']*$order->products[$i]['qty'])+($order->info['shipping_cost']+$order->info['tax']); You'll need to add the extra charge similar how it is done with the shipping cost. I do not know and use this extra charge module, so I can't help with more details, sorry. On the other hand, do you really think that you'll have real orders which use points to cover ALL order cost??
  14. Hello Pierre @Peper, I just checked on a new CE Frozen installation under PHP 7.2 and all works as it should. - Please check in your database if you have the header tag module correct installed. Check if you have no duplicated entries. - Search in your database in configuration table for " MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_INSTALLED " and check if you have the discount header tag duplicated in the list. - Try to uninstall the header tag module and reinstall. rgds Rainer
  15. Hello, @Dan Cole, @kymation, @Tsimi, @altoid, @piernas, @burt Would you (and everybody else also very welcome) be interested in forming a team to develop the modularized versions of the checkout pages? It would allow to add for example discount code, matc, points and rewards or just a simple module with additional info text without any core change, hook or ht injections. Exposé: - - Leave the checks and security part between includes application_top.php and includes template_top.php in the main page files. - - Leave the forms in main page file - - Move only the content part between includes template_top.php and includes template_bottom.php into content modules - - Suggested modules: o Checkout shipping and payment: - page header - address (2 modules) - shipping/payment methods - comments - continue button - progress line o Checkout confirmation: - page header - products+ot - delivery address - payment address - shipping method - payment method - payment information - comments - confirm order button - progress line o Checkout shipping/payment address (optional) - page header - address (2 modules) - new shipping/billing address - continue button - progress line It could be projected as an add-on like the modular shopping cart or, if @burt is interested, pull request for core. I would create a github fork with maybe the easiest module “comments” as a starting point. Best regards Rainer
  16. Update your store to CE Frozen (responsive and mobile friendly): Download: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/releases More information:
  17. I'm talking now by memory, but can you try to change sort order so the redemtions ot module is last before order total. I mean that it shows below your extra fee module. I'll see if I can have a deeper look tomorrow.
  18. Confirmed: this file is from standard, official, not BS responsive, You can't use Modular Checkout Pages in your store version.
  19. It seems your store is not the bootstrapped responsive community version. It is the official version installed from your CPanel. And if it is the store referenced in the error message, you have at least discount code added on the checkout payment page. Modular checkout Pages is not for your store version, sorry.
  20. If I understand correct, you wants the island surcharge to be excluded from being paid by points. THis would require some extra custom coding.
  21. I just checked and the store on the domain which appears in the error message is not responsive bootstrap, it is a heavy modified standard 2.3.4 store. Did you have it working before you installed the modular checkout and did you have any modification applied to your old, unmodified checkout_confirmation.php Can you do a fast test: 1. Replace the provided checkout_confirmation.php in the modular checkout package with your old checkout_confirmation.phgp 2. Then replace it with an original checkout_confirmation.php of your 2.3.4 store package. The error says that the language class is already declared somewhere and that you can't redeclare it (if it's really this the error you get on checkout_confirmation.php). The problem is not inside the language class itself, but that it is called twice on the page or one of the modules. So I can only imagine that you have some modification or addition which produces the problem. In an unmodified store it works.
  22. This is normal behaviour and has been discussed already Sorry, I do not understand, can you please explain better.
  23. There are hundreds of different 2.3.4 responsive versions, can you please give the aproximate download date. Then this is important: - would be good to know the sort order of your modules in checkout_payment.php and checkout_confirmation.php - if you have modified anything on these 2 pages, in the provided modules or added any aditional modules Then the blank page means that there are errors, they are just not displayed. The error message in your error log is what I need but it should show more than you posted. Visiting your store with the blank page doesn't help.