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  1. @Tsimi Pushed the updates to sync to last published version (I found only the difference you mentioned and the install manual) Pushed the german language file update Pushed the auto tick update for admin/orders.php
  2. Can you double check, please, for me it works. Make sure it's the first order. (customer e-mail is the criteria)
  3. Make sure your logo is in one of the indicated formats ( .png or .jpg or .gif or .svg ). It should show on the same admin page once it is correct uploaded. Try to delete your browsers cache. If everything fails, rename your logo to "store_logopng or the correct extension for your format, delete: " images/store_logo.gif" and upload your logo to that location.
  4. Sorry for the mess. I'll update my master with the good files from the uploaded add-on.
  5. Admin -> Configuration -> Store Logo -> Upload your own logo and it will replace the default OsCommerce logo.
  6. Come on, each table based shipping module is more complicate to fill in. EDIT: I recon, I'm also a bit lazy to code check boxes.
  7. Pull down would only allow the auto tick for one status. Coma separated list allows to use it for more than one status. There are store owners using different status (more than one) for final order status. It's just more flexible like this.
  8. allows the function to be only available and used inside the own class
  9. @Tsimi, 1.: If the fixes do not make harm and do not complicate the code, I believe we can include them. For this example we could even do the following to make it even more generic and ensure the function are available in the payment module. It maybe also needed for other add-ons: function update_status() { global $order, $cart, $max_points; if( !function_exists('check_points_redemtion') ) { require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/functions/redemptions.php'); } Then I would just mention in the instructions the compatibility or support for add-on xxx included. The PWA Gust checkout should be also included and mentioned. It maybe needed to explain the details for the 15 min delay in deleting guest shopping points in admin/customer_points_pending.php 2. I will try this and checkout the 2nd option (Delete) 3. This is a required fix, the function should really be renamed to something different than used in another addon. This doesn't make any harm..
  10. @Jack_mcs, checked out the new version and all seems good. There is only one small update missing for compatibility with latest 2.3.4 BS community version: In database_optimizer.php should be: require('includes/template_bottom.php'); require('includes/application_bottom.php');
  11. 1. @CGhoST, @Tsimi, For the order editor fix, I believe this solution would be more generic (admin can be hosted on a different domain/subdomain/directory structure in rare cases): function update_status() { global $order, $cart, $max_points, $PHP_SELF; if( basename($PHP_SELF) == 'edit_orders.php' && !function_exists('check_points_redemtion') ) { require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/functions/redemptions.php'); } 2. @CGhoST, @Tsimi, @LeeFoster, @TITO4, Status check and auto tick: Confirm Pending Points: and Que and Delete: sounds good to me too. Should both options be checked? We could do like this: Add configuration entry to ht point and rewards module: coma separated list of Status ID's. If left empty, no auto tick. If one of these status is selected in orders, both options will be auto ticked. must be done by javascript in orders.php If you agree, I'll go for it 3. @TITO4, Thank you for the reports Can you send me the spanish files with the bug fixes by mail get_pages error: Yes, this function name needs to be changed. Please find in ht_points_and_rewards all instances of "get_pages" and change them to "get_pages_pr". (3 instances). THis should fix it.
  12. @Tsimi, Pushed the PWA Guest Checkout support. 1.: I added some more checks: PWA module enabled? Customer is not guest anymore? (opted in to set password and converted his guest account into regular account) -> points will not be deleted. There is a scenario when the guest customer arrived to checkout success and opts to keep his account -> goes to set password -> until he set the password, his account is still flagged as guest account and if in this time lapse (from order process to set password) the admin opens the pending points page, the points would be deleted. So I added a check for "date_purchased" if less than 15 min ago, the points will not be deleted. This gives the guest 15 minutes to set the password. If you feel this is not enough we can increase it. The admin will see during these 15 min the pending points of a guest and can validate them. I believe it is not a problem since a guest account will be deleted on continue from checkout success, or if he doesn't set the password or if the same customer will do a new order, so he never can redeem them. 2.: I believe there is a missunderstanding here. Why should a guest be allowed to refer on all orders and not only the first order like a regular customer? I changed the coding now to check for existing guest orders with the same e-mail like the actual guest order. This check applies only if PWA checkout is installed and active and the session is guest registered. Otherwise the standard tep_count_customer_orders functions is used like before (uses customer_id to check). It works for me, please double check. 3. I added a Guest checkout topic to the my_points_help faq. For now I added the english text only, please revise if it's ok. I'll then add the spanish translation and the german is for you as you like it so much 4. The PWA guest checkout needs anyway an update. I'll add info text for points and rewards to the checkout success module. So the guest customer gets encouraged to opt in for a regular account to be able to redeem his shopping points. rgds Rainer PS: I also hide the old code suggestions to avoid confusion
  13. @CGhoST, It shouldn't matter if you uninstalled the ht module and reinstalled several times if your original file was ok. If the content call is repeated, it may be your original file had either code from previeous (develop) versions still present or a real unusual modification applied. Anyway, check this file comparing to the manual edit in the instructions like @Tsimi said. If you observe any incorrect result, check the files even you got green success messages when you installed the ht module.
  14. @Tsimi, @discxpress, I'll also test it and see if we can add a optional support for PWA in the next update to cover these points you found.
  15. @Supertex, within the class constructor: if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ((int)MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_ZONE > 0) ) { $check_flag = false; $check_query = tep_db_query("select zone_id from " . TABLE_ZONES_TO_GEO_ZONES . " where geo_zone_id = '" . MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_ZONE . "' and zone_country_id = '" . $order->delivery['country']['id'] . "' order by zone_id"); while ($check = tep_db_fetch_array($check_query)) { if ($check['zone_id'] < 1) { $check_flag = true; break; } elseif ($check['zone_id'] == $order->delivery['zone_id']) { $check_flag = true; break; } } // your check BEGIN if (your order subtotal condition) { $check_flag = false; } // your check END if ($check_flag == false) { $this->enabled = false; } } }