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  1. Will see if these exceptions can be all built in, thanks. There are already separate exception arrays included for first name, second name and other data. They are just hardcoded in the function file until now and I'll move them to user editable configuration settings.
  2. OK, but it's the same problem, the data is already processed and written into database. create_account.php: //filter should be applied here to all customer variables tep_db_perform(TABLE_CUSTOMERS, $sql_data_array); $customer_id = tep_db_insert_id(); ... tep_db_perform(TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK, $sql_data_array); ... // header tags are loaded here require('includes/template_top.php'); Or do you refer to manipulate the input field contents before form submit, how? javascript?
  3. Many store owners use it already who do not like to print these kind of address labels: JOHN DoEskY 123 noWHERe ave. canton, NY 12345 I agree for company names, there is all allowed, but for name, address, e-mail there are common rules for upper/lower case :-)
  4. Hello folks, I'm thinking about an update for the Sloppy Words Cleaner Just for those who do not know it: What does this contrib do? Like the title says... cleans up the sloppy inputted words by customers on their registration, edit account etc. I also added a all lowercase for the email strings. explain sloppy input? OK, new customer creates a new account as: JOHN DoEskY 123 noWHERe ave. canton, NY 12345 email: this will be cleaned (and stored in your db) and displayed on all invoices/screen info-text as: John Doesky 123 Nowhere Ave. Canton, NY 12345 email: I also added exception words (you can add or remove these exception words to your liking!) i.e. "PO" for PO Box 1234 (allowing a capital "O" after the capital "P") "IV" for John Doe IV (instead of John Doe Iv) "RR 2" for Rural Route 2 (instead of Rr 2) Also includes exception arrays for Names like: "Mc" and "Mac", "De la Rosa" etc.: JOHN MACDONALD will get John MacDonald I plan to modularize it for 2.3.4 BS community version and avoid core file changes as much as possible. Now my doubt is to realize this with a header tag ot hook: Hook: + fits in just in the right place on each page to filter the data before saved in the database + no extra database queries - core file changes (hook call) on each page where it should be applied (create_account.php, account_edit.php, checkout_shipping_address.php, checkout_payment_address.php) - additional configuration entries, install function in hook, but uninstall not so smooth (remove hook then set uninstall to "true" etc.) Header Tag: + no core file changes, upload header tag, install, serves for all pages via selectable page list + all configuration entries, custom exception lists etc integrated in header tag module - header tag is called in template_top when data is already written to database -> needs to be used in the next page (create_account_success.php for create_account.php) and read all data again out of database -> apply filter function -> write back into database. Ergo additional queries-> slows down the process. Header tag with javascript filter on the fly? not so happy with it Any opinion or coment very welcome rgds Rainer
  5. New version uploaded: AJAX Attribute Manager BS
  6. @Gergely, If I understood correct this can also affect filecache? Then the other SEO URL add-ons like serie 2 by chemo now maintained by @Jack_mcs may also be affected?
  7. @Gergely, that's not me. I never uploaded anything to Ultimate SEO URL5. You are cunfused it's @piernas who uploaded the BS version.
  8. @Gergely, I just did a fast check in my add-ons and there is no caching feature used any more in the latest product info content modules (related products and recently viewed) . In other modules no caching has been used ever as far as I'm aware. Or do I miss something and you refer to any other in concrete?? Between: Thanks for the advice Edit: Or do you refer to the SEO URL support for the old iosc Mobile add-on? The cache feature is not affected there by my iosc Mobile modifications.
  9. You are a big help, Thank You!!
  10. You have your options images add-on installed there? Latest version?
  11. Only EDGE, I'll give it a try with GOLD now
  12. No problem, we found at least some issues, that's the sense of testing, thank you
  13. Just to be sure: javascript enabled? and which browser?
  14. I just checked again under PHP 5.6, copied all files from the uploaded package and, yes in the provided template top FILENAME_CATEGORIES is still there and needs to be changed to hardcoded 'categories.php'. Otherwise everything works for me. The same under PHP 7.1. I'll continue checking.