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  1. Hello Anne @Dj-Viper, I'm going back to the public forum. Others may have a similar problem and can profit by the information. Most payment modules use the standard checkout processing through checkout_process-php. Orders are created, stored and the order confirmation mails created in that file. But some payment modules bypass this file and do their own order processing including the order confirmation mail creation in the payment module. The coding is therefore included in the payment module. The only payment module included in a standard oscommerce store doing so is PayPal standard. Now in your case the "payment processor ideal" you are using does the same. You have to apply the modifications in this payment module which is located in: includes/modules/payment/. Please use the instructions for the PayPal standard module as a guide how to apply the PWA modifications to your payment module. Instructions may not fit literally the code of your payment module, you have to try to find the equivalent code. Also add your modifications to include the customer mail and phone there. You do not need to apply the modifications to all payment modules, only the ones which bypass the standard checkout_process.php like your "payment processor ideal" and therefore do not use the modifications done in checkout_process.php. Hope this clears up your questions and helps Best regards Rainer
  2. This should work also for Guest orders. Another thing maybe that you have telephone input disabled for guests and get therefore an empty entry for telephone. To clarify this more, can you please post sample screenshots of a regular order mail and a guest order mail to see the difference.
  3. PWA (at least the last versions which use hooks) does not replace the standard mail neither generates it's own mail. It only appends data to the standard order mail. So in order to help, you should post your changes and tell us which exact PWA version you are using.
  4. @Dj-Viper hello Anne, Is this related to PWA? Anyway the e-mail text is defined in checkout_process.php and for some payment modules like paypal express in the payment module. Search for: $email_order = The PWA module appends some text in the pwa hook, if you need to change something only for guest orders in that part. Best regards Rainer
  5. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @John W, I finally went through all changes step by step and could localize the error. In javascript/attributeManager.js within the amUpdate function I had accidentally removed these lines when removing the attributes code support: amSendRequest('amAction=update&option_id='+optionId+'&option_value_id='+optionValueId+'&price='+getDropDownValue('price_'+optionValueId)+'&prefix='+getDropDownValue('prefix_'+optionValueId)+'&sortOrder='+getDropDownValue('sortOrder_'+optionValueId)+'&image='+getDropDownValue('image_'+optionValueId)+'&weight='+getDropDownValue('weight_'+optionValueId)+'&weight_prefix='+getDropDownValue('weight_prefix_'+optionValueId)+'&code_suffix='+getDropDownValue('code_suffix_'+optionValueId)+'&suffix_sort_order='+getDropDownValue('suffix_sort_order_'+optionValueId),'',false); getElement('price_'+optionValueId).blur(); if ((weight != null) && (weight_prefix != null)) getElement('weight_'+optionValueId).blur(); var el = getElement('sortOrder_'+optionValueId); if(el != null) el.blur(); return false; I found some other minor glitches. Tested with: PHP 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2, QTPro support and sort order support. Here the new package version 2.9.5. Please replace all files. Please try and let me know. Thanks for all your help and support. AJAX-AttributeManager-V2.9.5 BS.zip
  6. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    It's a cache issue. Under PHP 7.2: 1. installed new fresh Frozen CE 2. Added AM 2.9.3 => works 3. Updated to AM 2.9.4 => doesn't work 4. Downgraded to AM 2.9.3 => doesn't work 5. Deleted session and browser cache => 2.9.3 works again 6. Updated to 2.9.4 and deleted cache and session => doesn't work => now I can recreate your scenario and try to find the error
  7. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Now it is getting interesting: Checked on PHP 7.0 and the price update doesn't work with none of the am versions from 2.9 to 2.9.4. PHP 7.1 all versions are working, PHP 7.2 none is working. Can you please check your am config file if you have the same add-on support settings used in both versions and post them. I have all support switched off.
  8. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @John W, I had a look on this and it seems to me it's not an Attribute manager version issue. It's an issue with PHP 7.2. I checked all versions from 2.9 to 2.9.4 on PHP 7.1 and the price change works correct with all of them. Then I checked the same under PHP 7.2 and the price change doesn't work with none of the attribute manager versions. Can you confirm this, please. I'll have a deeper look to search a fix.
  9. Sorry, it works for me, I can't give you advice other than continue trying. You could check in the database if the categories are correct registered. And please, it would be helpful to see the complete checkout confirmation page with products listed.
  10. @sinopia, just to be sure, you are using the latest version 4.4.0 BS?
  11. Did you check the radio button "products" or "categories" instead of "subtotal"? Can you please post a screenshot with an example (both, admin and checkout confirmation). I checked again and it works for me for 2 products: NOTE: Mouse and graphic card gets discounted.
  12. The option " Number of products to apply the discount: " is only available for discounts on specific products or categories or manufacturers, not for subtotal discounts. You have to use: Applies to: Products or Categories or Manufacturers and select the products/categories/manufacturers you wish to include. Selecting all categories or manufacturers is a trick if you wish to use it for all products. See previous posts about the exclude specials problem. For me it works all as expected. It applies to the amount of products as entered. No, I don't think so. It is not planned.
  13. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    It works now for me, see my EDIT in the previous post.
  14. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @John W, I do not get this error and never saw it. This var (constant) is defined in the atrtributeManagerConfig.class.php line 109: $this->add('AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME','am_session_var'); // main var for atomic When I apply your suggested fix I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' in C:\xampp_php_7_2\htdocs\2341-Frozen-QTPro\admin\attributeManager\includes\attributeManagerUpdateAtomic.inc.php on line 27 EDIT: Checked again and now it works flawless. Must have copied uncomplete or whatever. The fix looks good. I'll await if you find more issues and the update. best regards Rainer
  15. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @John W, can you please give more details when this error appears. I had a fast look on line 226 in attribute_manager_class.php and it is an empty line! Are you sure you updated to the latest version 2.9.4?