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  1. Hi Edd, You got the link to the pwa support thread sent by mail from me and also in an answer to your other post. Please post all pwa related issues there. I’m already working on an update, but it will not be released until the next Phoenix version or will be released. I have also noted the language error you posted. It’s not really important as it’s only in the module status description and I’ll fix it within the next release. It would be helpful to say the exact place of these kind of errors. Finally, please do not repeat posts about the same issues. It’s against the forum rules.
  2. raiwa

    shop by price

    It was ok as you have it
  3. Uploaded Version Phoenix 7.3 for Phoenix Related Products Phoenix 7.3 - Updated for CE Phoenix - Updated content modules to abstract executable modules - bootstrapped admin page
  4. raiwa

    shop by price

    I said: "wrap the coding inside the execute function...." not "wrap the execute function...." It must be: function execute() { global $currencies, $currency, $request_type, $current_category_id; if ($GLOBALS['PHP_SELF'] == 'index.php') { .........
  5. raiwa

    shop by price

    please post your whole code. EDIT: I just checked and it works perfect on my test store.
  6. raiwa

    shop by price

    wrap all coding inside the execute function of the header module inside this condition: if ($GLOBALS['PHP_SELF'] == 'index.php') { .............. } this will show the module only on index.php
  7. raiwa

    shop by price

    1. It works for me and links to the advanced search page. Must be something in your store. However the back button didn't exist in the previous versions. If you wish, just remove it. 2. This was always like this. If you wish to show it only on certain pages, add a $PHP_SELF check to the module.
  8. raiwa

    shop by price

    Uploaded Shop By Price v5.2.1 with the above fix Shop by Price CE Phoenix v.5.2.1 Requires Phoenix Changes in Shop By Price v5.2.1 - fixed categories filter. Thanks to @discxpress for the report and testing Changes in Shop By Price v5.2 - updated for CE Phoenix - updated shop_by_price.php for templateable pages - updated modules to abstract modules
  9. raiwa

    shop by price

    Hi Lecarl @discxpress, Thanks for the report. Yes, the categories filter got messed up by the update. Please use this one, it's the file which goes in the store root: shop_by_price.php Please confirm and I'll upload the update. For to center the header module, please try to adjust it playing with the sort order and width. If you need custom adjustment, have a look here: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.5/utilities/flex/
  10. raiwa

    shop by price

    Uploaded Shop By Price v5.2 Shop by Price CE Phoenix v.5.2 Requires Phoenix Changes in Shop By Price v5.2 - updated for CE Phoenix - updated shop_by_price.php for templateable pages - updated modules to abstract modules
  11. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I would say that’s unrelated to Ajax attributes manager. tep_db_query is a core function which is defined in includes/functions/database.php Check that you have this file and the function in place.
  12. Uploaded update: KissIT image thumbnailer 3.4.0. Requires Phoenix Tested with Phoenix Change log 3.4.0: - Updated for Phoenix - moved tep_image function to separate file in includes/functions/ - use database hook modification to use the kissit tep_image function - moved install script to be triggered in admin hook - no core changes for store side
  13. raiwa

    Gratis Goodies für 2.3.3.

    Such nach “dangling carrot”
  14. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Don't worry, It will not change anything in the db in the products options/attributes tables. But as always, backup. Make sure to check the attributes managers config settings. Please see update instructions.
  15. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Yes, AJAX Attribute Manager BS 2.9.5. includes versions for EDGE and other BS versions Do not use 3.0.0, other than stated it doesn't include versions for pre Phoenix.