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  1. in application_top.php: // set the level of error reporting // error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); error_reporting(E_ALL); // if (defined('E_DEPRECATED')) { // error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED); // } This settings may be overwritten by settings in your servers CPanel or php.ini.
  2. The reason you didn't get the error logged is that you may have set warning messages not to be logged, but in that case it prevents the file to be rendered => blank page. For debugging you should consider to set error reporting to "all". And displaying error messages is faster than to check the error log. For a develop/test environment this shouldn't be a problem I guess.
  3. For me this fix does it: $r needs to be defined with a default numeric value: // Set color for all filling operations $r = 255; if(($r==0 && $g==0 && $b==0) || $g===null) { $this->FillColor = sprintf('%.3F g',$r/255); } else { $this->FillColor = sprintf('%.3F %.3F %.3F rg',$r/255,$g/255,$b/255); }
  4. Just did some check in my develop store version for PHP 7.1 and found the following issue: in fpdf/fpdf.php line 402-407: // Set color for all filling operations if(($r==0 && $g==0 && $b==0) || $g===null) $this->FillColor = sprintf('%.3F g',$r/255); else $this->FillColor = sprintf('%.3F %.3F %.3F rg',$r/255,$g/255,$b/255); produces the error message: A non-numeric value encountered in .....line 405 If I comment out these lines the file renders correct, obviously with some black background in the table header. So it seems we have to find a PHP 7.1 compatible replacement code. The same code was working correct under PHP 5.6.
  5. If SSL is correct setup for all site in configure.php, there is no need to change the tep_href_link function. And it is preferred not to change core functions: define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://mystore.com'); define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://mystore.com');
  6. Not sure, but the files may still have directory constants in use which have been removed in latest 2.3.4 EDGE. Search for example for DIR_WS_INCLUDES and replace by hardcoded path 'includes/'. there are more of them, search for any term beginning with DIR_WS_ and replace with the correct hardcoded paths. Or use the compatibility add-on: https://apps.oscommerce.com/RNywS&add-on-compatibility-for-2-3-4-edge
  7. Search for the line of code which includes the image. It should be in index.php and contain something like category_image. Then change http to https or better, use the tep_image function.
  8. you should still check if $sort_by is defined: if( $sort_by && .... or better if(isset($sort_by ) &&.....
  9. should be: if ($sort_by && !preg_match('/order by/',$sort_by)) $sort_by = 'order by '.$sort_by ; https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2217850/how-to-replace-ereg but I think you do not need preg_match in that case. A simple strpos($sort_by, 'order_by')=== false should do it and is faster. http://php.net/manual/en/function.strpos.php
  10. You can easy find answers to these generic questions in Google. You need to wrap a delimiter around the regex sequence, usually forward slash, but can be anything else which is not used in the regex rule itself. Post the complete code to give you a concrete solution.
  11. line 126 replace mysql_query by the function tep_db_query. You should replace all native mysql funtions by their oscommerce equivalent. Have a look into includes/functions/database.php to find out.
  12. Compare the page file with a core page file. There may be unneeded code left which is now in template_top.php.
  13. It it breaks the layout only on that page, you probably need to add the lines which include the template_top.php and template_bottom.php to the page file. Compare with a core page file.
  14. use the compatibility add on: https://apps.oscommerce.com/q=compatibility or, preferable, replace the filename constants by the real filenames: Example: find FILENAME_CUSTOMERS and replae by 'customers.php' just search the add-on files for terms beginning with FILENAME_ and replace all with the real filename. Don't forget to wrap them inside single quotes. You may need to do the same for some directory constants which have been removed from admin/includes/configure.php like: DIR_WS_IMAGES needs to be replaced by 'images/' or DIR_WS_INCLUDES replace by 'includes/' for a complete list compare an old configure file with yours. If you get it to work with the latest 2.3.4 EDGE, it would be great if you pack it in a new 2.3.4 EDGE compatible version and publish it. Like this others can benefit from your work
  15. Need help making SSL work with Edge

    Export database (product_description table only) Edit in text editor. Search and replace "http" by "https" Save database table. Import again. All done in 10 min.