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  1. Hi @raiwa

    just found a little bug (i guess) in your iOSC in the header.php

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/mobile_stylesheet.css?<?php echo time() ?>" />
    <!--Include JQM-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time() ?>" />

    should be 

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/mobile_stylesheet.css?time=<?php echo time(); ?>" />
    <!--Include JQM-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time(); ?>" />

    so, i have added missing =time und 2x ; behing time()

    another question would be:

    -what meaning does that time variable have?
    -is it needed somehow our could it be removed?


    1. raiwa


      Hello Stephan,

      Not sure, so long time, I believe it was something with the expire for the css stylesheet to be reloaded.

      You can remove it, not so important.

      Thank's, but iosc Mobile is discontinued and there will be no updates anymore.

      Consider to upgrade your store to 2.3.4BS responsive community version




    2. Stephan Gebbers

      Stephan Gebbers

      sure, i already work with 2.3.4BS for a while but still have to keep the old oscommerce running as long as i rebuild the old one with all its extras into the new 2.3.4BS. so, it should replace the old oscommerce shop asap :)


      PS: i removed the "time" thing from iOSC header.php now, seems to have no impact.

    3. raiwa