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    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    Here the old version of the includes/configure.php. Compare to yours and you'll see the constants which have been removed: configure.php Meanwhile, the first thing you could do when you have a shipping module updated, upload it to the Marketplace to share it with others.
  2. raiwa

    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    Most modules will need the following updates: replace the class constructor name (first function in the module) to "__construct" for PHP 7 compatibility replace the path constants like "DIR_WS_INCLUDES" to hardcoded paths like "'includes/' FOr to know which have been removed compare the "includes/configure.php" files from your old store to the Phoenix files. The definitions which are not in Phoenix any more need to be replaced replace all database table names like "TABLE_CONFIGURATION" with hardcoded real names "'configuration'" if the module produces any html output, it might need to be updated to bootstrap 4. if the module uses any jquery script, it must be injected now in the footer script area. compare to some ht modules how it is done there Best is to have al look in the supplied core modules and compare
  3. raiwa

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    1. paste again the whole tep_image function into your html_output.php 2. if you get again the same error, upload your file here (without any modification, comment etc.) 3. try with my modified file: html_output.php I had a look on the source code of your store index page and got the following wrong html: title="Shiny Red Apples" alt="Shiny Red Apples" class=img-fluid" card-img-top" /> on my test store I get this: title="Shiny Red Apples" alt="Shiny Red Apples" class="img-fluid card-img-top" /> Do you see the wrong placed double quotes in the image class? You must have applied a wrong modification.
  4. Hello Michael @MITCH70, I suppose you are running Phoenix and the latest Points and rewards version for Phoenix. Please post or upload your checkout_payment.php.
  5. raiwa

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Hello Mark @MyBookShop, Your solution is incorrect. The provided code in the instructions is correct and should be used in Phoenix and all other Bootstrap 4 based Stores. Please try again: if (tep_not_null($responsive) && ($responsive === true)) { $bs_parameters .= 'img-fluid'; } You probably had introduced a copy/paste/typo error. Before providing wrong "solutions" please post for help if something doesn't work as expected. If you experience the same problem again, please post your code (tep_image function) to see which is the error. THis is urelated to KissIt image thumbnail. Please check this first with your hosting. Then post in the general support area. Kind regards Rainer
  6. Uploaded update for Phoenix: Points and Rewards Phoenix
  7. Updated for Phoenix: Reviews Navbar Header Module Phoenix 2.0 Includes link to new "Write review" Page (ext/modules/content/reviews/write.php), available if: - customer logged in and views pa product page of a product he has purchased or - Admin : Configuration : My Store : Allow all Reviews? set to: true
  8. Reviews Navbar and Header Module BS This Navbar and Header Modules intent to offer an alternative to the standard (core) side column boxes. On small screens (Mobiles) the boxes are moved at the very bottom of the pages. They are therefore not useful for small devices. Header and Navbar Modules show on the top of the pages and are much more recommended for Mobile view. You can permanent replace your side column boxes to show always the Header or Navbar module instead on all screen sizes. Or you can add a device dependent helper class to the box and header/navbar module, so on desktop view the boxes are still used, but on smaller devices the header/navbar modules will replace them. Instructions how to do this are included. Compatibility: OsC 2.3.4 Bootstrap Community Editions EDGE at least up to 2017/01 PHP: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 Filenames, Database Table Names and paths hardcoded. Superglobal variables used. ================================================================ NOTE: The Navbar module requires EDGE version since 2016/02/25 which include modular navbar. Otherwise you need to update to modular navbar. Download: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9562 Screenshots:
  9. raiwa

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Uploaded update: Sloppy Words Cleaner 3.2.2 Changes versus Sloppy Words Cleaner 3.2.1 - fixed postcode to all uppercase . Thanks to @Mitch70
  10. Supposing you are using Bootstrap v3, here the code reference: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.4/components/#dropdowns
  11. If your store is EDGE, you should use series 2, PWA 3.0 series is for FROZEN: But I saw in your older posts that you have already updated to PWA 3 series. The reviews link has been fixed in PWA 3.0.4: I'm sorry I can not give more specific advice for this combination of EDGE and PWA 3.0. Please try to apply the above included fix or update to the latest series 3 verion: 3.0.5.
  12. @Demitry, which PWA version are you using.
  13. Here is beta 2 with some minor and one important fix for checkout_process.php hook call. Points and Rewards Phoenix 3.0.0_beta_2.zip I'll leave this in stand by for one week or so for testing. Then it will be uploaded to the marketplace.
  14. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    relevant are the tabs at the top. Attributes manager has its own tab now
  15. Points and Rewards update for Phoenix: This is the 3.0.0. beta version for Phoenix, tested with Phoenix I would appreciate if users could give it a try. It's a very complex addon, so it would be nice to run tests before final upload: Points and Rewards Phoenix 3.0.0_beta.zip Thank You!
  16. I remember there were more reasons for this modification and I tested the fix included in 5.1.2 with all variants and settings. I will not begin again and risk to break the code. Use whatever you wish in your store. Thank you.
  17. Its in the updated 5.1.2. package. Please download and compare file. Possible. I'll have a look and remove in the next update. Thank you.
  18. @milerwan, Please see this post and use the latest version 5.1.2 where this is fixed.
  19. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Can you please post a screenshot of your admin/categories.php when editing a product. Please make also sure: - that you have copied both hooks to: includes/hooks/admin/siteWide/ and: includes/hooks/admin/categories/ - that you have correct updated your store: hook registers and calls in: admin/application_top.php, template_top.php, templatee_bottom.php and categories.php
  20. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Do you see the Ajax Attributes Manager Tab in admin/categories.php when you edit a product?
  21. raiwa

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Which Phoenix version, which AJAX Attributes Manager Version? Need help? See this thread and provide the information requested.
  22. raiwa

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    Uploaded update: Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.1.0. Changes: - Update for Phoenix 1.0.3.x, hooked admin/categories.php. Thanks to @heatherbell for testing Compatibility: Phoenix 1.0.3.x PHP 7.0-7.3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Older Phoenix - 1.0.2.x versions please use Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.0.1. Older 2.3.4.(1.) responsive BS versions please use Wholesale (SPPC Lite) 3.0.4 Older 2.3.4.(1.) versions please use Wholesale (SPPC Lite) 2.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Wholesale (SPPC lite) Simplified SPPC module, easy modularized installation. For Bootstrap and Standard osc 2.3.4. See develop topic: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/408481-sppc-lite/ Features: Posibility to asign customers to the wholesaler group Define individual wholesale prices to each product Optional tax exempt wholesalers Optional define individual wholesale prices to attributes Optional define global wholesale percentage discount to all products and attribute prices The global wholesale discount will not apply to products and attributes which have individual wholesale prices defined Optional setting to apply special price instead of wholesale price if the special price is lower than the wholesale price or discount. Optional payment and shipping modules Exclusion lists for Wholesalers and Retailers. Header text module to show different info text for guests, retailers and wholesalers. The texts are editable for each store language in the module settings. By default: Guests: no text Retailers: “Welcome to your Retailer Account.<br>Please <a class="btn btn-info btn-xs" role="button" href="contact_us.php">Contact Us</a> to apply for a Wholesaler Account. See <a class="btn btn-info btn-xs" role="button" href="conditions.php">Conditions</a>.” Wholesalers: “Welcome to your Wholesaler Account.<br>You can see your Wholesaler Prices on the Product Page and they will apply when you add the products of your choice to the Shopping Cart.” Product Info Content module to show the wholesaler price in addition to the normal price on the Product Info Page Only 2 Store file modifications. application_top.php one line added. Optional product_info.php attribute block modified to show wholesale attribute price. 3 admin files modified, categories.php, customers.php and product_attributes.php. Modified files for 2.3.4 standard, Bootstrap Gold and Bootstrap Edge included. The wholesale prices will be automatic applied when adding a product to the Shopping Cart. This is done via shopping cart class extension, no file modification needed. All database modifications and language definitions are integrated in the modules. Optional database columns removal to keep existing entances when removing the module NOTE: If you need more than one wholesaler group or other additional features, please consider to use the old, full version SPPC: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/716 Thanks To @@greasemonkey for the initial idea, support, comments and testing To @@burt for the initial guideline exposed in the forum and his database installation-removing code examples used in the store module To @@wHiTeHaT for his help with the shopping cart class extension To @@Tsimi, @@Gergely, @@John W and @@14steve14 for their support, comments and testing Download: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9416
  24. raiwa

    Phoenix shopping cart shows the item twice

    You probably have the shopping cart product listing module duplicated. Remove the core module and leave only the qtpro module.