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  1. This is already done in core checkout_process.php: if ( ($stock_left < 1) && (STOCK_ALLOW_CHECKOUT == 'false') ) { tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " set products_status = '0' where products_id = '" . tep_get_prid($order->products[$i]['id']) . "'"); } It seems the OP has this modified/removed in her themeforest theme. She only needs to re-establish it like already explained at the very beginning of this thread.
  2. Hello @sinopia, The standard QTPro version does only interfere in attributes stock control and deduction if correct configured. It does neither interfere in switching products status nor in showing or not showing out of stock/off status products in product listing/product page. But, as already (how often) pointed out: we do not know which QTPto version you are using, if it's coding is modified or if there are additional coding modifications in your themed store which may have an influence. If you are not able to compare your store's code to a standard OsComemrce store code and find out what to do, I recommend you to post in the commercial support thread to find someone who can do it for you. Best regards Rainer
  3. If it dosn't work in your store it's just that your code is modified and we can't help without knowing your code. The only thing we can recommend is to compare your code with the original OsCommerce code and try to revert your theme modifications related to stock in the product listing and shopping cart. The forum and the forum members are ready to help all users of original oscommerce code and the add-ons offered in the marketplace. But is has been pointed out many times that the forum and the members/users can't help on heavy modified stores which use third party themes and which code is unknown. You should ask the provider you paid for the theme. Your store is considered an own fork of OsCommerce. Please see also Guidelines: General Rules 1: https://forums.oscommerce.com/guidelines/ Best regards Rainer
  4. Hello @sinopia, This what you ask for is included in standard OsCommerce. You should state in all your posts that you are using a heavy modified themed version (Themeforest). As already pointed out by others, it is very difficult to give support for a themed version and in most cases it is impossible.
  5. raiwa

    PayPal Integration Help

    Commercial Support Inquiries
  6. Please compare the coding in the navbar template for the different groups. The modules left and right group have <ul> tags wrapped around the groups, the home group does not have it. So try to add <ul> tags to the home group in the navbar template, in which case the brand template (and all other home group module templates) also need <li> tags. As already pointed out, it needs some additional css/tags to style it.
  7. You may duplicate the shopping cart module, place the copy in the home group and show it only on xs view. Then hide the original in xs view.
  8. Hello Eddy @Moxamint, Supposed you have modularized navbar, in admin : modules : navbar modules : shopping cart : => set Content Placement to Home Then you may need to apply some css styling to show it nice.
  9. raiwa

    Product Sort on Page

    I just had a look into the included readme file: This addon offers the facility todefine the default order that products are shown within a category in the catalog (this means storefront index.php).It is constructed to minimise core changes but some are necessary to change the query in index.php.Another optional core change shows the products in the same order in admin/categories.php. See the instructions to modify catalog/index.php: If your index.php is unchanged you can upload the file included in “catalog changed BS Edge needed” or if it’s changed I recommend using a merge tool (eg. Winmerge) or you can perform the following edits manually: Find around line 97........
  10. raiwa


    Hola Nacho @nacho torres, En primer lugar decirte que el idioma del forum es inglés, por lo que todos los mensajes públicos deberían ser en este idioma. La versión 2.2 que intentas instalar es de aprox. hace 15 años y obsoleta. Deberías descargar la versión actual BS Frozen en este enlace: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/2341-Frozen.zip First of all to say that the forum language is english and all public messages should be posted in this language. Version 2.2 which you are trying to install is maybe 15 years old and obsolete. You should download the actual version BS Frozen from this link: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/2341-Frozen.zip Un saludo cordial Rainer
  11. raiwa

    Product Sort on Page

    https://apps.oscommerce.com/ZQoI0&product-sort-within-category-bs https://apps.oscommerce.com/TyAIr&featured-products-bs
  12. Hello Doug @Dnj1964, I have no idea and I do not understand what exact you wish to achieve. But, just try. Best regards Rainer
  13. raiwa

    Australian Shipping Module

    Hello Lyn @ce7, I'm sorry, but I'm not the author/maintainer of these shipping modules. I only updated them some time ago for BS and PHP7 compatibility. Please post your questions in the official support thread: https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398158-contribution-new-australia-post-shipping-modules-for-osc-23x/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-1767702 THe other generic questions should be posted in the general shipping modules thread. I just had a fast look and for Q1 you should remove the additional info around these lines: if ($insurance == '' && $handling == 0) { $auspost_addons = "(" . $method_service . ")"; } else { $auspost_addons = "(" . MODULE_SHIPPING_AUSPOST_DOM_COUR_TEXT_INCLUDE . $handling_details . ($handling > 0 && ($insurance != '' || $signature != '') ? MODULE_SHIPPING_AUSPOST_DOM_COUR_TEXT_PLUS : ':') . $signature_details . ($signature != '' && $insurance != '' ? MODULE_SHIPPING_AUSPOST_DOM_COUR_TEXT_PLUS : '') . $insurance_details . ")"; } $shipping_auspost_method = $auspost_addons; Best regards Rainer
  14. Have a look on this: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Q7gVE&quick-stock-update-from-the-product-list Its old, but should not be difficult to update.
  15. Like @burt pointed out, the question is if you have all other countries except UK deleted in the database. If not, you must have modified the country menu coding in create_account.php and maybe you didn't do the same in the address_book_details.php and checkout_new_address.php modules. Same for the postcode check. This would explain that the customer could have edited his address in his account or added a different shipping address during checkout.
  16. Do you offer PayPal express checkout in the shopping cart? Then it's posible.
  17. raiwa

    Email queuing system

    PWA uses an additional column in the customers table to flagg guest accounts (the ones which didn't have been auto deleted because the customer didn't finish correct on checkout_success.php). So to avoid sending e-mails to guest customers, shopowners can just add to the queries the condition: AND c.customers_guest != '1' or this could be used generic for all shops: AND (EXISTS (SELECT c.customers_guest FROM customers c) AND c.customers_guest != '1') I didn't check the code, but it should do it.
  18. raiwa

    navigation buttons

    It sounds like you have downloaded the "official" OsCommerce version from this download page: https://www.oscommerce.com/Products or maybe used the one click install button from your hosting. If this is the case, you should uninstall this version and use the responsive community version which you can download here: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/releases/tag/2341-Frozen It is much more up to date, responsive and mobile/tablet friendly and will run on actual PHP/sql versions. Once you got it installed, you can follow the indications in the above answers to add/remove the navbar modules you need. The shopping cart/checkout link is included in the same module, so you may need to edit the code to leave only the shopping cart link and remove the checkout link. Just remove the following line in : includes/modules/navbar_modules/templates/shopping_cart.php: echo '<li><a href="' . tep_href_link('checkout_shipping.php', '', 'SSL') . '">' . MODULE_NAVBAR_SHOPPING_CART_CHECKOUT . '</a></li>'; Best regards Rainer
  19. raiwa

    order confirmation gst subtotal

    Hello Lyn @ce7, My tax info display has nothing to do with order totals. It only shows the product tax in the listings. But, thinking about, I believe you can show the shipping tax separate if you set up a separate shipping tax class for the shipping and select this tax class in the shipping modules. For the products use the existing tax class. Just apply the same percentatge for both classes and it should work. rgards Rainer
  20. raiwa

    navigation buttons

    Shopping cart=>PayPal Express Checkout Button (no customer account required)
  21. raiwa

    Only Show Boxes on Selected Pages

    Exact this is done here: Modules Control
  22. raiwa

    Only Show Boxes on Selected Pages

    Hello Lee @LeeFoster, Depending on which pages there are these 2 add-ons: Slim Checkout This is only for checkout pages, shopping-cart to checkout_success) and Modules Control This one has some limitations regarding number of pages and modules. I didn't have an opportunity to fix it yet.
  23. raiwa

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Hello Anne @Dj-Viper This is not a KissIt Image thumbnailer specific question. Please post in a Image Gallery related thread or open a new one. Please add also information about your exact oscommerce version and if you are using modular product info.
  24. raiwa

    Discount code Inc Paypal Express

    Hello David @DAVID3733, Sorry, I was unprecise. If you are using paypal standard, you need this modification. But you have to install first paypal standard in the PayPal App. Then uninstall and reinstall the discount code order total module. Please reread the instructions under: 4. Optional if using the PayPal standard payment module. (Requires PayPal App) If you do NOT use paypal standard, revert all modifications under this point.
  25. raiwa

    Discount code Inc Paypal Express

    Hello David, The column "discount_codes" is not used by discount codes 4.4.2_BS and the discount codes 4.4.2_BS installation doesn't modify the account_history_info.php file. This code seems to be left over from another discount code add-on. Just remove " discount_codes " from the query in your account_history_info.php or revert all modifications you applied for the installation of the other discount code add-on. Meanwhile: Please post your support questions on discount codes BS in the official support forum: Discount Code BS Like this more users may see your post and help and benefit from the answers. best regards Rainer