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  1. Hello Tony@@TONYSHOES, did you install in a subdomain or subdirectory? Can you please post the file: includes/configure.php, can be without the database details at the bottom. Kind regards Rainer
  2. Hello @@John P, Do you have the support for Ultimate SEO URLs v2.2d added to mobile OSC? If yes, could you post the URL of your shop. Kind regards Rainer
  3. Hello @@Tripa-X, the error appears in the file login.php not account.php Please try the following: 1. In mobile/login.php Find: <?php echo '<span style="float:left;">' . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_FORGOT_PASS, 'mail-closed', tep_mobile_link(FILENAME_PASSWORD_FORGOTTEN, '', 'SSL'), '') . '</span>' . change to: <?php echo '<span style="float:left;">' . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_FORGOT_PASS, 'mail-closed', tep_mobile_link(FILENAME_PASSWORD_FORGOTTEN, '', 'SSL')) . '</span>' . If this doesn't help: 2. Change in the same line the icon from: 'mail-closed' to: 'key' 3. You could also check if in: mobile/ext/jquery/ui/redmond/jquery-ui-1.8.22.css this line is present: .ui-icon-mail-closed { background-position: -80px -96px; } If all of this doesn't help you could change the error reporting to a lower level. Allthough I have to say that the error reporting on my test installation is set to the most strict level and I never saw this error. Kind regards Rainer
  4. Hello @,, Sorry I have no experience nor possibility to test and develop installation on shared ssl. Real ssl should work. Rainer
  5. Hello @, For the ssl you should check if all modifications described in the install file are correct done. In particular in functions/general.php and functions/html_output.php, includes/application_top.php and includes/configure.php. If you are using SEO URL make sure you have the correspondent support for Mobile OSC 6.0 added. For the missing text in shopping_cart: check your language file: includes/languages/english/shopping_cart.php There should be this line: define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL', 'Total'); Kind regards Rainer
  6. Hello @@Tripa-X, Could you please post your shop url? Did you modify the mobile/account.php? thanks and kind regards Rainer
  7. Hello John@@John P, It could be a hardcoded directory definition in the modified code for the tep_image function in html_output.php. Open includes/functions/html_output.php Search line 73 for: require_once('includes/classes/image.php') and change it to: require_once(DIR_WS_CLASSES . '/image.php) This is explained in: "Add-On Support.doc": 6. If there are hardcoded directories, example: includes/classes/add_on_class.php Change to: DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'add_on_class.php' Same for: DIR_WS_INCLUDES etc. And if this is a thumbnail add- on you may need to install the support for it. Kind regards Rainer
  8. Hello John, it looks like the include/configure.php configuration isn't done correct for windows test environment. Did you do the configuration like explained in the file: Configure_windows.doc? Kind regards Rainer
  9. You need this: PayPal Express Checkout for Discount and Extra Fee Order Total Modules http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8848 It should be possible to modify for CCGV 6
  10. Hello @@videod, I just visited your store with a old and very limited Samsung mobile phone (before android) and had not any problem to navigate, no error messages. However you could try 2 modifications: In mobile/includes/header.php Find: <style type="text/css" media="screen"> @[member='import'] "<?php echo HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE . DIR_MOBILE_INCLUDES; ?>mobile_stylesheet.css"; </style> and change to: <style type="text/css" media="screen"> @[member='import'] "includes/mobile_stylesheet.css"; </style> Or try this: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/mobile_stylesheet.css" /> I also found that the kissit image thumbnail support is not added to your mobile side. Support is included in the support package for add-ons. This would reduce the size of the mobile pages. Kind regards Rainer
  11. raiwa

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello @@Jack_mcs, I think I found one bug in HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.3.0: In: admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php line 54: $excludeFilesList[] = 'popup_images.php'; should be: $excludeFilesList[] = 'popup_image.php'; Kind regards Rainer
  12. I suppose that you checked the redirect from your standard browser using a mobile device emulator. So there is a minor bug if you visit the store from the same browser a second time, the ª"redirect cancelled" parameter will be still registered in the session parameters and prevent a new redirect. In order to fix this, please do the following changes which will be included in the next update: a. In mobile/includes/application_top.php: Find: if (HTTP_SERVER == HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER && !tep_session_is_registered('redirectCancelled') && substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 15) != 'mobile_checkout') { tep_session_register('redirectCancelled'); $redirectCancelled = true; } Change to: if (tep_session_is_registered('redirectCancelled')) { tep_session_unregister('redirectCancelled'); } b. In: mobile/includes/footer.php Find: if((HTTP_SERVER != HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER) && !isset($_GET['redirectCancelled']) && $_GET['redirectCancelled'] != 'true') { $url .= ((strpos($mobile_url,'?') > 0) ? '&redirectCancelled=true' : '?redirectCancelled=true'); Change to: if(!isset($_GET['redirectCancelled']) && $_GET['redirectCancelled'] != 'true') { $url .= ((strpos($mobile_url,'?') > 0) ? '&redirectCancelled=true' : '?redirectCancelled=true'); c. In: mobile/includes/classes/header_title.php Find: if((HTTP_SERVER != HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER) && !isset($_GET['redirectCancelled']) && $_GET['redirectCancelled'] != 'true') { $url .= ((strpos($mobile_url,'?') > 0) ? '&redirectCancelled=true' : '?redirectCancelled=true'); Change to: if(!isset($_GET['redirectCancelled']) && $_GET['redirectCancelled'] != 'true') { $url .= ((strpos($mobile_url,'?') > 0) ? '&redirectCancelled=true' : '?redirectCancelled=true'); If you try the redirect, do the last visit on a mobile page. If you used the header or footer link to the "desktop" store, the redirect cancelled parameter would be stored again as a session variable. So you have to go back to the mobile side to unregister the "redirect cancelled" parameter. Then close the browser tab or window. Open a new tab or window. Change the mobile device. Open the URL of your "desktop" store. Then it should redirect correct. regards Rainer
  13. Did you update the device list like explained in "Configure_unix_subdirectory.doc" Step 3?
  14. Read the file "Add-On Support.doc", support for this Add-On is included in the support package for Mobile OSC
  15. Add a <p align="center"> or something similar before and </p> below
  16. Hello @@ltaa09, I just found that you should also change the redirect script in includes/application_top.php: Find: $marker_replace_from = array('/-p-/', '/-c-/', '/-m-/', '/-pr-/', '/-pri-/', '/-pi-/', '/-a-/', '/-au-/', '/-by-/', '/-f-/', '/-fc-/', '/-fri-/', '/-fra-/', '/-i-/', '/-links-/', '/-n-/', '/-nc-/', '/-nri-/', '/-nra-/', '/-pm-/', '/-po-/', '/-t-/'); $marker_replace_to = array('-mp-', '-mc-', '-mm-', '-mpr-', '-mpri-', '-mpi-', '-ma-', '-mau-', '-mby-', '-mf-', '-mfc-', '-mfri-', '-mfra-', '-mi-', '-mlinks-', '-mn-', '-mnc-', '-mnri-', '-mnra-', '-mpm-', '-mpo-', '-mt-'); $mobile_site = preg_replace($marker_replace_from, $marker_replace_to, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); if (strpos($mobile_site, 'index.php') && (strpos($mobile_site, '-mc-') || strpos($mobile_site, '-mm-'))) { $mobile_site = str_replace('index.php', 'catalog_mb.php', $mobile_site); } if($mobile_site != $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) { $mobile_url = (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_MOBILE_SERVER . rtrim(DIR_WSS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/') : HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER . rtrim(DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/')) . $mobile_site; } else { $mobile_url = (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_MOBILE_SERVER . rtrim(DIR_WSS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/') : HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER . rtrim(DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/')) . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; } change to: $marker_replace_from = array('%' . DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG . '%', '/-p-/', '/-c-/', '/-m-/', '/-pr-/', '/-pri-/', '/-pi-/', '/-a-/', '/-au-/', '/-by-/', '/-f-/', '/-fc-/', '/-fri-/', '/-fra-/', '/-i-/', '/-links-/', '/-n-/', '/-nc-/', '/-nri-/', '/-nra-/', '/-pm-/', '/-po-/', '/-t-/'); $marker_replace_to = array('', '-mp-', '-mc-', '-mm-', '-mpr-', '-mpri-', '-mpi-', '-ma-', '-mau-', '-mby-', '-mf-', '-mfc-', '-mfri-', '-mfra-', '-mi-', '-mlinks-', '-mn-', '-mnc-', '-mnri-', '-mnra-', '-mpm-', '-mpo-', '-mt-'); $mobile_site = preg_replace($marker_replace_from, $marker_replace_to, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); if (strpos($mobile_site, '-mc-') || strpos($mobile_site, '-mm-')) { $mobile_site = str_replace('index.php', 'catalog_mb.php', $mobile_site); } if($mobile_site != $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) { $mobile_url = (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_MOBILE_SERVER . DIR_WSS_HTTP_MOBILE : HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE) . $mobile_site; } else { $mobile_url = (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_MOBILE_SERVER . DIR_WSS_HTTP_MOBILE : HTTP_MOBILE_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE) . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; } All these fixes will be included in the next update.
  17. Hello @@ltaa09, I found a bug in the links to the standard shop in mobile header and footer which need some fixes for shops which are installed in a subdirectory like yours: Please do these fixes: 1. In mobile/includes/classes/header_title.php Find: $url_replace_from = array('%' . ltrim(DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/') .'%', '/-mp-/', '/-mc-/', '/-mm-/', '/-mpr-/', '/-mpri-/', '/-mpi-/', '/-ma-/', '/-mau-/', '/-mby-/', '/-mf-/', '/-mfc-/', '/-mfri-/', '/-mfra-/', '/-mi-/', '/-mlinks-/', '/-mn-/', '/-mnc-/', '/-mnri-/', '/-mnra-/', '/-mpm-/', '/-mpo-/', '/-mt-/'); $url_replace_to = array('', '-p-', '-c-', '-m-', '-pr-', '-pri-', '-pi-', '-a-', '-au-', '-by-', '-f-', '-fc-', '-fri-', '-fra-', '-i-', '-links-', '-n-', '-nc-', '-nri-', '-nra-', '-pm-', '-po-', '-t-'); Replace with: $url_replace_from = array('%' . DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE .'%', '/-mp-/', '/-mc-/', '/-mm-/', '/-mpr-/', '/-mpri-/', '/-mpi-/', '/-ma-/', '/-mau-/', '/-mby-/', '/-mf-/', '/-mfc-/', '/-mfri-/', '/-mfra-/', '/-mi-/', '/-mlinks-/', '/-mn-/', '/-mnc-/', '/-mnri-/', '/-mnra-/', '/-mpm-/', '/-mpo-/', '/-mt-/'); $url_replace_to = array(DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG, '-p-', '-c-', '-m-', '-pr-', '-pri-', '-pi-', '-a-', '-au-', '-by-', '-f-', '-fc-', '-fri-', '-fra-', '-i-', '-links-', '-n-', '-nc-', '-nri-', '-nra-', '-pm-', '-po-', '-t-'); 2. In: mobile/includes/footer.php Find: $url_replace_from = array('%' . ltrim(DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/') .'%', '/-mp-/', '/-mc-/', '/-mm-/', '/-mpr-/', '/-mpri-/', '/-mpi-/', '/-ma-/', '/-mau-/', '/-mby-/', '/-mf-/', '/-mfc-/', '/-mfri-/', '/-mfra-/', '/-mi-/', '/-mlinks-/', '/-mn-/', '/-mnc-/', '/-mnri-/', '/-mnra-/', '/-mpm-/', '/-mpo-/', '/-mt-/'); $url_replace_to = array('', '-p-', '-c-', '-m-', '-pr-', '-pri-', '-pi-', '-a-', '-au-', '-by-', '-f-', '-fc-', '-fri-', '-fra-', '-i-', '-links-', '-n-', '-nc-', '-nri-', '-nra-', '-pm-', '-po-', '-t-'); Replace with: $url_replace_from = array('%' . DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE .'%', '/-mp-/', '/-mc-/', '/-mm-/', '/-mpr-/', '/-mpri-/', '/-mpi-/', '/-ma-/', '/-mau-/', '/-mby-/', '/-mf-/', '/-mfc-/', '/-mfri-/', '/-mfra-/', '/-mi-/', '/-mlinks-/', '/-mn-/', '/-mnc-/', '/-mnri-/', '/-mnra-/', '/-mpm-/', '/-mpo-/', '/-mt-/'); $url_replace_to = array(DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG, '-p-', '-c-', '-m-', '-pr-', '-pri-', '-pi-', '-a-', '-au-', '-by-', '-f-', '-fc-', '-fri-', '-fra-', '-i-', '-links-', '-n-', '-nc-', '-nri-', '-nra-', '-pm-', '-po-', '-t-'); 3. In: mobile/catalog_mb.php Find: // set the link for classic site $url_replace_from = array('%' . ltrim(DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE, '/') .'%', '/-mc-/', '/-mm-/'); $url_replace_to = array('', '-c-', '-m-'); $url = preg_replace($url_replace_from, $url_replace_to, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); $classic_site = HTTP_SERVER . ltrim(DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG, '/') . str_replace('catalog_mb.php', 'index.php', $url); Replace with: // set the link for classic site $url_replace_from = array('%' . DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE .'%', '/-mc-/', '/-mm-/'); $url_replace_to = array(DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG, '-c-', '-m-'); $url = preg_replace($url_replace_from, $url_replace_to, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); $classic_site = HTTP_SERVER . str_replace('catalog_mb.php', 'index.php', $url); This will be fixed in the next update Thanks Rainer
  18. for the first: this is explained in installation step 8 for the last: just add the line you didn`t find
  19. See the corrected file in the private message.
  20. ok this 2 lines should be (ok this is not too clear in the instructions, I'll improve this for the next update): define('DIR_WS_HTTP_MOBILE', '/catalog/mobile/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_MOBILE', '/catalog/mobile/'); this line should be erased: define('DIR_FS_MOBILE', '/home/content/04/9587604/html/buy/catalog/mobile/'); it is repeated here: define('DIR_FS_MOBILE', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'mobile/'); Then use this for the configuration in catalog/includes/application_top.php and catalog/mobile/includes/application_top.php: /home/content/04/9587604/html/buy/catalog/
  21. Then please post the real, modified config file in a private message for me: @raiwa If I don't have the real config file it would be the same like following the configuration instructions.
  22. Please, the modified file for mobile installation. Is your shop URL really: http://buy..net
  23. This is a misunderstood, if your main store is installed under a subdomain doesn't have influence on the configuration. If your mobile files are installed in a subfolder (yourshop/mobile/), not a subdomain(m.yourshop) of your main store, you must use the configuration for subdirectory installation. For this "lovely" error: do the correct configuration and it will disappear If you do not get it to work now, please post your includes/configure.php (the bottom part related to database is not necessary) and I'll do the configuration).
  24. yes it's this, just mobile instead of molbile But didn't you say that you do NOT install the mobile files under a subdomain? Then you are using the wrong configuration instructions.