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  1. Check also if there are any hardcoded links and change them one by one to https://
  2. In both configure.php files (admin and store), change the HTTP_SERVER definition also to https://...: define('HTTP_SERVER', ''); define('HTTPS_SERVER', '');
  3. Hello Ricardo, The language file is not called correctly. It shows this: required 'includes/languages/.php' but should be: required 'includes/languages/english/mercadopago.php' or the name of the payment module. I'm not sure why this happens. 1. check that you have your store languages correct defined and configured. 2. check that you copied the language file in all of languages directory, I mean one copy with english definitions in: includes/languages/english/modules/payment/mercadopago.php includes/languages/espanol/modules/payment/mercadopago.php and other languages you have defined in your store.
  4. Ajax attribute manager may do this depending on the configuration settings
  5. I had some deeper look on the “srcset” tag and the posibility to combine it with a thumb generator like KissIt image thumbnail. Here my conclusions: - KissIt Image thumb or any other thumb generator already produces optimized image sizes for the product listings/modules and boxes. - As the BS responsive design changes the layout depending on the device size, the required image resizing is already very reduced. - In a real store with small image, heading image and subcategory image sizes of 135 - 300 px, the maximum of browser downsizing is about 10-20% of the thumb-size. - This is due to the layout changing in the sense that the number of columns in the product listing gets reduced and the side boxes moved to the bottom. So the image sizes are kept in a narrow range which allows one thumb to fit already very well the effective required image sizes. - The only images which require very different sizes are images which use almost the entire viewport width. This is in a standard installation only the store logo if using col 6-12. - Other images could be banners or other additional promotional images if using the main content width or placed as a header/footer content module with col 6-12. - Only for these examples it would make sense to create different sized thumb images for different viewport sizes. - I doubt if it would need to be 5 different sizes, maybe 3 could be enough. - Another subject would be to serve retina devices with double resolution/sized thumbs which are not addressed for now by thumb generators. - This would mean to generally generate a second, double sized thumb and tag it by “srcset”. - Thumb generator should check if the required thumb size is notably bigger than 300px width, the usual max size of a small image used in product listings and boxes. - Only in that case it should create various versions, depending on the size of the original image. It doesn’t make sense to upsize neither to downsize below aprox. 300 px. - What has much influence on the image sizes is the jpg quality setting. There would be a point to improve KissIt image thumbnailer. Until now it uses a fixed quality setting for all thumbs. It could be improved to use the quality setting of the original jpg image always if it is lower than the general setting. - Also to take into consideration that the store owner uses accurate jpg quality settings for the kind of his images or an external service for image optimization. - Just an example: a 300 px square image can vary in size by different (Photoshop) quality settings: Quality 0 => 38.4kb Quality 4 => 44.3 kb Quality 6 => 50.9 kb Quality 9 => 58.6 kb Quality 12 => 79.9 kb - Some resampling in the range of 10-20% can save: Original image size 300px => 58.6 kb 270 px => 56 kb 240 px => 52.8 kb - Conclusion: optimizing the images by quality/compression has the same or more influence than 100% accurate size serving.
  6. @discxpress, There is already a referral feature included which allows a new customer during his first order to refer an existing customer who referenced the store to him. Giving referral points to a customer just for sending info to another mail like the old "Tell a Friend" box would open the door to abuse, hence you have no control/confirmation to whom a customer sends the referral. There is already a link to the "Point Program FAQ" page included in the product info content module: "Buy this item and earn 100 points valued at $10.00. Please check the Point Program FAQ for more information. " It shouldn't be difficult to enhance the link by a button if you feel it should be more visible.
  7. Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1
  8. I'll have a look and give it a try these days
  9. @Tsimi, can you please check the update doc and the instructions need to be updated.
  10. Hello @Tsimi, I got a wrong total (negative ot) for one test order with a very high price (7.0000) and it was very little, so guess it could be because of different rounding for points and order total. With my mod it got fixed to show the correct ot. OK, I trust in your design skills If there are no other testers abroad, it can be released. Can you please? thanks and best regards Rainer
  11. Forgot to mention: you can try and test all new features and functionality without the need to have PayPal Express installed and configured. Of course except for the payment process itself.
  12. added missing module control box files
  13. Add in modules control configuration the pages, and then tick in modules control the module to hide
  14. Sorry forgot to add the module box file. I will add it tomorrow