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  1. Hello @tsimi. I gave it a try and works great. I found a mod to use the "tep_image" function within the "tep_draw_pull_down_menu_options". Like this it is compatible with kiss it image thumbnailer and a 40px thumb is used instead of the full image size. if( tep_not_null( $values[$i]['image'] ) ) { $field .= ' data-content=\'' . tep_image('images/options/' . $values[$i]['image'], $option_name, '40', '40', null, 'false') . $option_name . '\''; } Another issue: Didn't find a way to remove the option image once it is added, other than in the database. Couldn't there be a button "Remove Image" be added in admin/product_attributes.php to do this? rgds Rainer
  2. This line must be also https: define('HTTPS_SERVER', ''); rgds Rainer
  3. @@Mikepo, it's for security reason to filter sql injection attempts.
  4. Hello @@DivebombInc, I just tried with 2.3.4 BS and I can use all of these: ª!"·$%&/()=áéúóöç Which concrete characters would not work on your store? The only combinations which will be replaced are these you can see in the tep_sanitize function in includes/functions/general.php: function tep_sanitize_string($string) { $patterns = array ('/ +/','/[<>]/'); $replace = array (' ', '_'); return preg_replace($patterns, $replace, trim($string)); } rgds Rainer
  5. @@Lioelx, please install the product info options module. rgds Rainer
  6. Dobar dan @@goyan, First you need to add $shipping to the global list: function update_status() { global $order, $shipping; Then the conditions looks like this: if ($this->enabled == true) { if ($order->content_type == 'virtual' || $shipping['id'] != 'spu_spu' || $order->info['subtotal'] > 500 ) { $this->enabled = false; pozdrav Rainer
  7. @@goyan, first condition can be achieved with the ship2pay add-on: Or could be custom coded into the COD module. The second condition would need to be custom coded to the COD module. Have a look into the module. You could define the additional conditions in this section: // disable the module if the order only contains virtual products if ($this->enabled == true) { if ($order->content_type == 'virtual') { $this->enabled = false; } } rgds Rainer
  8. @@joe122joe, should work both, one is legacy change for old stores another is core code of new edge version which include hooks. Doesn't matter. For all other people using QTPRo it works. I gave you all information you need to investigate what's wrong. I can't loose more time asking 3 times for details. Follow instructions, fix your wrong DIR_FS_CATALOG definition, do the test trick with the die command in the hook until your checkout_process.php shows a blank page. Then remove the die command and substractions should work. FULL STOP
  9. @@joe122joe, then your DIR_FS_CATALOG definition in configuration.php must be wrong. So you say that you did all steps, but you changed steps on your own criteria and wonder that something dosn't work. You should have begin your very first post providing this information. I give up, sorry.
  10. @@joe122joe, when did you get this, after the change in application_top.php? please try to be precise and give good information, otherwise I'll give up soon. :-(
  11. @@joe122joe, you may have added the code for hooks inclusion to application_top.php BEFORE you had copied the hook class. This would explain the error.
  12. @@joe122joe, if you get a blank page on the whole site, this means that you get a fatal php error. It's not done then to just not add that code. You need to find out which php error is produced and why. Edit your error log file to see the error and post it. Then we can help.
  13. @@joe122joe, I'm sorry, but I do not understand now, you say it's the same checkout_process.php with the hook register line in place. But you said you didn't get the blank page (with the die command added in the hook function). Now you said you get a blank page when you add the hook register. Please try to give more precise information. Also: Did you all installation steps for the hook support, also the modification in application_top.php. I'm sorry it's very difficult or impossible to give support without precise, complete and consistent information. rgds Rainer
  14. @@joe122joe, I suppose you did Installation Step: 0. Legacy (for older 2.3.4 BS versions whithout hooks). Database table names and filenames are no problem for downward compatibility to older versions.
  15. @@joe122joe, of course, this is essential, now the stock subtraction should work. But you had this modifcation in your modified checkout_process.php you posted before!