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  1. @Gergely,Thought again about and I believe what I explained can happen in the order table. So the wrong orders can be linked to a customer.
  2. @jampjamp, Then a possible explication would be: - you created some test accounts in the new store - then you imported accounts from your old store - you didn't mark "drop table if exists" when you exported the old customer tables - and you didn't delete (truncate table) the customer data in the new database before importing old customers - in this scenario you'll get duplicated customer ids - > aways empty( truncate) the table of the new databse before importing or include ""drop table if exists" when you export the old table, if no structural difference exists between both database tables.
  3. I meant here to pack the template files with the line added as a modified core file plus instructions. I mean if a module is selected in admin, it shows a message if other required modules are not installed plus a link to the installation URL of the module. Here an example: (added to the class constructor below "$this->description = ".....) if (!defined('MODULE_PAYMENT_POINTS_STATUS')) { $this->description .= '<div class="secWarning">' . MODULE_PAYMENT_POINTS_WARNING . '<br> <a href="modules_payment.php?module=points&action=install">' . MODULE_PAYMENT_POINTS_INSTALL_NOW . '</a></div>'; } It should be added for all 3 required modules: ht module, payment module and ot module.
  4. @Tsimi, Yes, I thought many stores have this already modified /added more links. So they have to edit anyway. But if you prefer to have separate modules, I can add a complete alternative footer module, no problem. It just should be the samefor both, box and footer module. Another point maybe to be added to the to do list: - add installation checks for the required modules to all modules. Your thoughts?
  5. @ArtcoInc, Malcolm, do you have $navigation in your globals list
  6. @tmcca, sorry, to whom you refer, which discount coupon contribution and where is the fix, please.
  7. @Tsimi, @LeeFoster, @Omar_one, pushed update with installation scripts in ht module for hook and content module support in core files. Please check starting with virgin core files. Same mofdifications have changed, so uninstall will not work with the old modified core files. One question: info box and footer module is different solved - info box: complete new module - footer info module: modified core template We should unify this. I would suggest to include only modified core template files to upload and replace -> only one line added and many will have this already modified. I'll go for the paypal standard modifications. rainer
  8. Hello, Can someone guide me how to trigger that standard_ipn.php is used for stock substract and order confirmation mail instead of paypal_standard.php. I need this for debugging some modifications. Develop/test environment with sandbox account, PayPal APP 5.018, osc2.3.4BS EDGE latest version. Thanks Rainer
  9. @Zahir, this was adressed and solved here: and is already included in 2.3.4 BS EDGE
  10. @jampjamp, @burt I suppose we are talking about : Purchase without account BS I checked a store using this contribution since more than a year-> no duplicated customer ids. The procedure to create guest and regular accounts is identical as well as the checkout procedure (clean core script). Each guest checkout creates a unique correlative customer id, just like creating a new regular account. The only difference is that the account gets flagged in an additional column as a guest account. Guests have no access to their order history. Even if a guest proceeds to qualify his guest account into a regular account or if he repeats as a guest or whatever, there is virtually no possibility to get duplicated customer id's, which is as far as i can see the reason to see orders from other customers. To confirm this, you should check in your database if the 2 customers the orders belong to, have the same customer id and also if one of the orders showing wrong is a guest order. As always, it is possible that a third party contribution/modification interferes. I agree that it is a serious problem and that the installation should be checked.
  11. Hello Mick @jampjamp, I never got something similar reported with PWA BS. Can you give some more information, which loyalty discount module are you using. When did you add it and did the problem happen before you added loyalty discount module or changed something else. What are the exact characteristics of the orders where this problem appears. It must be that the orders are stored with the wrong customer ID or listed with the wrong customer ID. Very difficult to find out without having a llook in your database and files.
  12. @LeeFoster, There is an old one which you could use as a base: Multi admin with levels
  13. @Tsimi, @LeeFoster, Adding the admin hook, I found that the hook naming and directory structure is not correct in the shop side. Instead to have all shop hooks in one file and directory (points), they should be separated for each page file: includes/hooks/shop/create_account/points.php includes/hooks/shop/checkout_payment/points.php and so on. Like this the hook register on each page and the directory can be used for different contributions/hooks. If you agree and as we are on time I'll go to fix this now.