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  1. Hello Mick @jampjamp, I never got something similar reported with PWA BS. Can you give some more information, which loyalty discount module are you using. When did you add it and did the problem happen before you added loyalty discount module or changed something else. What are the exact characteristics of the orders where this problem appears. It must be that the orders are stored with the wrong customer ID or listed with the wrong customer ID. Very difficult to find out without having a llook in your database and files.
  2. @LeeFoster, There is an old one which you could use as a base: Multi admin with levels
  3. @Tsimi, @LeeFoster, Adding the admin hook, I found that the hook naming and directory structure is not correct in the shop side. Instead to have all shop hooks in one file and directory (points), they should be separated for each page file: includes/hooks/shop/create_account/points.php includes/hooks/shop/checkout_payment/points.php and so on. Like this the hook register on each page and the directory can be used for different contributions/hooks. If you agree and as we are on time I'll go to fix this now.
  4. @austcoll, the table name constants have not been added to includes/database_tables.php But better to hardcode the table names: replace " ' . TABLE_COUPON_GV_QUEUE . ' " by "coupon_gv_queue" in both files
  5. @Tsimi, maybe this can help for the german translation: google: my_points_help.php site:de
  6. @Tsimi, @LeeFoster, @Omar_one, several updates pushed to clean up language files and remove core changes in application_top.php Please consider a complete update.
  7. @Omar_one, fixed, indeed the old configuration entry has been left. I revised also all other files, all should be updated now. in admin/customers_points.php line 114: $expire = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('+ '. POINTS_AUTO_EXPIRES .' month')); change to: $expire = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('+ '. MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_POINTS_REWARDS_POINTS_POINTS_AUTO_EXPIRES .' month'));
  8. @Omar_onefound now the problem, I had still the old configuration entries in the database. I deleted them now and the bug appears, sorry and thanks. I'll research this.
  9. double checked, for me it works. @Tsimi, @LeeFoster, can you check this please.
  10. @Omar_one, please use the fixed files I just pushed on GitHub.
  11. @Omar_oneThis works for me correct, no bug. Please revise your installation.
  12. same in customers_points_pending.php line 53 and 104. customers_points_referral.php is ok
  13. @Omar_one, @LeeFoster, @Tsimi, The customers e-mail is not defined. The fix is: find in customers_points.php 2 instances, line 48 + 133: $name = $first_name . ' ' . $last_name; and add below: $customers_email_address = $_POST['customers_email_address']; I'll push the fix to GitHub now.