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  1. I refer to this, add the default select text, not the complete state selector : The same like already done in the country menu
  2. Then it would be at least good to add content calls like in shopping cart. And the state selector default? Where to push?
  3. Any software can be100% tested before release. You know this. It is tested as far as possible ( and as far as volunteers appeared), and nothing appeared broken until now.
  4. It's tested as stated by me and John. I would add it to EDGE. All scenarios is impossible, if there really appear important bugs, I guess there are still hotfixes possible.
  5. @burt, would this be now ready to be pushed to "Modularity3" or another branch' Same for "Please select" drop down default states menu.
  6. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Support for core colorbox and photoset-grid is included. Others you have to research.
  7. Image Zoom for 2.3.4BS

    Did something similar: Colgante jade nefrita verde en forma de trapecio biselado (enmarcado) plata 925 con relieve y tamaño de 32x17x6 mm (1.26x0.67x0.24”)
  8. @cs36, You can get it to work with attributes, but then you have to retrieve the attributes and show the options/attributes selections in the product listing. I saw this in some old 2.2/2.3 standard store. But I do not remember if there exists an add-on or if it was custom coded. It requires much more modifications than the add to cart button. But if you say you had this working in your old store, you just need to replicate the coding and adapt it to the BS store.
  9. State Selector for BS

    @Bobber, your application seems to be for 2.3.4 standard. You should explain this to avoid confusion. This state selector version is for BS responsive. there are older add-ons available for 2.3.4 standard.
  10. OK, but it is only used in payment modules ergo payment method module
  11. Sorry, made a mistake 1+3 is applied. 2 is not applied.
  12. Point 1+2 are applied and I would like your opinion if you think it's well done. Also if averything works correct. Point 3 is not applied, I would like to know if you think it should be done.
  13. instead of: <img alt="Brand" src="...">