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  1. Related Products Phoenix 7.2r1 tested and working error free with Phoenix
  2. thanks, just copied the title 😉
  3. Featured Products CE v2.1.1. Tested and working with Phoenix One small Notice error in: admin/featured_products.php can be fixed like this: change line 122 to: echo tep_draw_input_field('expdate', (isset($fInfo->expires_date) ? substr($fInfo->expires_date, 0, 4) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 5, 2) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 8, 2) : ''), 'class="form-control" id="expdate"'); "isset" instead of "tep_not_null"
  4. Recently Viewed Products 5.0.2. Phoenix Tested and working error free with Phoenix
  5. As the updated for Phoenix will take longer as expected, I uploaded the intermediate update for Phoenix This version is not compatible with Phoenix !!! Purchase without account 4.1.0 Changes Version. 4.1.0 - updated for Phoenix - hooked all modifications on admin side - one hook call needed to be added in admin/orders.php and checkout_process.php 5 versions included: Phoenix and lower: (old review write page "reviews_write_pwa.php") Phoenix and higher: (new reviews module "ext/modules/content/reviews/write_pwa.php") Phoenix and higher: (restyled checkout success modules") Phoenix and higher: (updated review stars in admin/reviews.php") Phoenix (hooked all modifications in admin)
  6. Which versions are we talking about: Phoenix and recently viewed? I can't research further on this without access to your store.
  7. raiwa

    QTPro BS

    This is unrelated to QtPro. It's related to other modifications in the file: while (list($option, $value) = each($products[$i]['attributes'])) {  if (2 == $customer_id) { echo "inside SECOND while<br>"; } $products_name .= '<br /><small><i> - ' . $products[$i][$option]['products_options_name'] . ' ' . $products[$i][$option]['products_options_values_name'] . '</i></small>'; } The original core and qtpro code uses already "foreach..."
  8. Please check if you have the same problem in your new products module. The recently products module is correct coded for multilanguage store. It must be something with your store setup. Just to be sure, you didn't change anything in the recently products module?
  9. Hello, I checked on my multilanguage test store and all shows correct. Can you please post a screenshot and/or PM the link to the store. rgds Rainer
  10. There is no known incompatibility. I guess it's recaptcha or another mod in your store. Maybe you missed some code to add to pwa_account.php or add the page to a recaptcha list. Which exact recaptcha addon are you using?
  11. Uploaded Update with the above fix: Featured Products CE v2.1.1 Changes version 2.1.1.: - Updated featured_products.php for OSCOM CE Phoenix 1.0.4.x +
  12. Hello Tom @TomB01, Featured Products CE v2.1.0r1 still uses the deprecated setting: Admin : Configuration : Product Listing : Product Image (defunct) You have to leave this setting set to 1 This will be fixed in the next update.
  13. raiwa

    QTPro BS

    I don’t mean to revert on the whole site, only on the page where you have the issue. As you have it already quite localised, it shouldn’t bee so much. I can’t help you further not knowing your mods.
  14. raiwa

    QTPro BS

    There is no problem using $_POST. I thought you were using the wrong Phoenix version. If your version states it is for GOLD, there is no reason to update. Use all files and code from your original package. I believe you have a problem with additional modifications or another add on you have in your store. Revert temporary all other mods and try to find what produces the problem
  15. raiwa

    Store Hotline BS

    Sorry, I do not understand. Please be more precise. Which OScommerce and Store hotline exact versions ?