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    Great idea, thanks. I've added your change. I'm thinking about making a small function that reads a text file that has a list of exclude files in it, and then iterate through the list in the section of code you pointed out, in the CreateReferenceFile() function, after the else statement at line 377. I could put the SiteMonitor files in the exclude_file_list as well as that Easy Apache cache link or any other trusted files. Sort of like the exclude directories function you already have. What do you think?
  2. Wayne Parham


    I've suddenly started getting a time mismatch "error" on the file .ea-php-cli.cache. It's an Easy Apache file, a link to ea-php71 with a very recent timestamp. The line in the sitemonitor log shows ".ea-php-cli.cache,0,0,0" so of course SiteMonitor thinks the file was created on January 1, 1970.
  3. Wayne Parham

    Linkpoint API Problems

    Last update: My service provider changed the IP address that is allowed access to port 1129 and that solved the problem. Cards process normally with no errors. Hope my comments on this thread were helpful for anyone else that encounters similar problems.
  4. Wayne Parham

    Linkpoint API Problems

    Since it's Sunday, neither First Data nor my service provider have many people manning the support desks. I don't expect to get anywhere today, but I do think probably even though it was First Data's upgrade that caused the problem, it will probably be my service provider that will have to solve it. The sysadmins block all ports (including 1129) and unblock them on request. They require an IP address to do this, which is a good idea. That way, the port is only open for the IP address(es) that need connection, not the whole wide world. I asked First Data what IP address their box was on, but the tech support guy didn't know what I was talking about. I told him I thought probably they changed IP addresses as a part of their upgrade. That is why my system worked before the upgrade but not afterwards. It is still configured for the old IP address. For me to solve the problem, I'll have to wait until Monday to talk to people at First Data that can provide me with this information, then tell that to the sysadmins at my service provider so they can unblock port 1129 for the new IP address. This is my working assumption right now. Just thought I'd throw that in for anyone reading. I thought I could get the IP address from First Data by now and report back, but alas, the skelaton crew manning the weekend tech support lines don't know. So I'll be limited to PayPal until tomorrow. By the way, the port 1129 problem can also cause the following error message: "There was an error processing your credit card, Please wait ten minutes and try again" If the code doesn't die with the "string offset as an array" error message, perhaps using a different version php parser, then it will give that error message instead. It's a more graceful error, so I'd prefer it. The little hack/fix I did a couple posts back helps make a graceful error like that. But either way, the problem is connection between boxes. The osCommerce host and the card processor host have to be able to talk through port 1129.
  5. Wayne Parham

    Linkpoint API Problems

    Here's what I found so far. The first clue was the support person at First Data telling me they had upgraded the Linkpoint processor and that some customers reported outages. So I looked at the returned values from the preauth and found r_approved and r_avs both set to "<". That wouldn't be a problem, it would have returned a graceful error message except for the following line: if ($result["r_avs"][1]=="N" || $result["r_avs"][3]=="N" || $result["r_avs"][3]=="S" || $result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED") { Notice that r_avs is checked beyond its actual length. It's only one character long. So I changed the code to say this: if ($result["r_approved"]=="<") { // Linkpoint is down or connection is bad $myerrdisplay.='Credit card processor is down. Please use another payment method, try again later or contact us by phone to process this order. '; tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=PREAUTHORIZATION FAILED - ' . urlencode($myerrdisplay), 'SSL', true, false)); } elseif ($result["r_avs"][1]=="N" || $result["r_avs"][3]=="N" || $result["r_avs"][3]=="S" || $result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED") { Now then, this still doesn't fix the problem. First Data will need to fix the connection to get me running again. But at least this allows a graceful exit, telling the customer what is happening and returning to osCommerce instead of an abnormal exit.
  6. Wayne Parham

    Linkpoint API Problems

    First Data (who now own Linkpoint) did an upgrade recently that started making this error on my shopping cart. I've been runnning osCommerce with Linkpoint for several years. They told me today that some merchants and API's were still having problems, said they would look into it and get back back to me. I'm also going to set the API to test mode and do some troubleshooting on my end. I'll post back what I find.
  7. Wayne Parham

    First Data Merchant in Oscommerce

    Use the Linkpoint API. There's a contrubtion here you can download and install.