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  1. FrankPC

    PayPal module on older oscommerce version?

    The version of oscommerce turned out to be and I was able to install a PayPal module once I got into the administrator's page. Thanks.
  2. FrankPC

    Where to Login into Admin area?

    Thank you! We recently switched the site to a secure URL, https://. In the catalog config file, I set the URLs to https://, but I didn't notice the true/false setting for "ssl". And at that time I had forgotten there were two config files, so the admin one hadn't been touched. I also set the permissions to 444 if that mattered - they might have been 644, I'm not sure. But in any event, all is well now!! Thank you for help.
  3. FrankPC

    Where to Login into Admin area?

    Thank you Jack. I did find that the config file for the admin section was different / older than the shop side file. So I did update it. Then I was able to reach the login in window for admin, which I think means I was accessing the correct database and table in mySQL. But my user ID & PW didn't work. So I "emptied the administrators table in mySQL, and inserted a new user name and the code for "40pass", but I am still not able to log in. I tried that ten times using various user ids. Of course, I only have the one generic password of 40pass to try. I don't suppose you can offer any other way to troubleshoot this can you? I've modified my oscommerce quite a bit, so I would prefer not to start over. While I'm not sure, I might have version 2.2. Any chance having the older version would disallow the 40pass coded password from working? Thank you Jack!
  4. I'd rather not update my oscommerce install at this time because I have modified it so much. But I do need to add a PayPal module to it. I did have PayPal at one time, but I removed it for some forgotten reason. How can I determine the version of oscommerce I have and if it is version "2.2 RC-2a" (records from 2009 show this version number), does the PayPal module work with it?
  5. FrankPC

    Where to Login into Admin area?

    I believe I have found the URL for admin login. Under admin/login. But when I attempt to access that, "Unable to connect to database server!" is returned. Oscommerce does indeed see the products, pricing, etc. So it seems odd that it cannot access the database server. Would that mean there is a separate password or something unique about where it needs to go to confirm admin user ID and password? I am guessing it is attempting to access the Admin table, which is available and looks OK.
  6. While my store has been active over the past 9 years, I haven't made changes to it. I just now added two products, which I did using cPanel. That seemed to work OK. Version may be 2.2. I found old records with that version number and my user ID and password. The administrators table is still OK in mySQL database. But I can't remember where to sign on to my admin account. The only login place I know of is as a customer, and that requires an email address. Can someone help me out just a bit? Thank you! Frank
  7. FrankPC

    USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping

    Installed this and it works great... No buts! Thank you. Just what I was looking for! Frank
  8. Does anyone know of a contribution for eCommerce 2.2 that allows the generation of a formed HTML invoice which is emailed to the customer and may be used as a packing slip / shipping label? One excellent contribution by pop-the-top (Fancier Invoice 6.2) generates a beautiful invoice, but it does not generate with the Standard PayPal module. I am working with a friend to develop a charity site for cancer patients and supporters, and we would like to print the nicer invoices and shipping labels. Anyone? Thanks, Frank
  9. FrankPC

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I have this contribution working perfectly when people pay by check. The HTML invoice is nice. However, when PayPal is used for payment, the invoice is plain text. The customer may view the invoice online, and it is HTML, and displays correctly. I am using "PayPal Website Payments Standard" in osCommerce v 2.2 rc2. Is there a particular setting needed in Paypal or a particular option in Paypal that may be incorrect? I know there is a note in the contribution setup that states IPN is not supported. I didn't intend to use IPN. But can't tell if that is an option in the Paypal account. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Frank
  10. FrankPC

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Sounds like your permissions are not set right for the osCommerce folder. I have mySql 5 as I would think most would have. And do not have this problem.
  11. FrankPC

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi folks. I've applied this great contribution to two separate osCommerce installs and get the same error in both. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class cc in /usr/home/[acctname]/domains/[website].net/public_html/oscommerce2/includes/modules/payment/cc.php on line 13 This error shows up when I access setup as an administrator and attempt to edit the Payment Module. This seems to be the only error I receive. Because of the error, I cannot edit,add,modify any payment arrangements. Help? Thanks, Frank