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  1. I have had individual shipping working for a month now. However i noticed people were not completing orders, i then found out my shipping was for some reason multiplied x3. (modules/shipping/indvship.php) It took me ages, i couldnt find where in the code the shipping was getting called 3 times, i eventually settled with using the higher shipping and adding code to only use 33.333333% of the high price, since i knew it was multiplied by 3. $products = $cart->get_products(); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($products); $i<$n; $i++) { if (tep_not_null($products[$i]['products_ship_price'])) { $products_ship_price = $products[$i]['products_ship_price']; $products_ship_price_two = $products[$i]['products_ship_price_two']; $products_ship_zip = $products[$i]['products_ship_zip']; $qty = $products[$i]['quantity']; if(tep_not_null($products_ship_price) ||tep_not_null($products_ship_price_two)){ $shiptotal += ($products_ship_price)*0.333333333; if ($qty > 1) { if (tep_not_null($products_ship_price_two)) { $shiptotal += ($products_ship_price_two * ($qty-1)*0.333333333); } else { $shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * ($qty-1)*0.333333333); Im not sure why this happened, however i also experienced another issue where os commerce couldnt get pages for the front of house, while the admin worked fine. I found a soluion online, which stated it could be due to a php upgrade. So most of my problems are fixed ive not gotta figure out how to fix Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class zones on line 97. I think while trying to fix my above problem i must have accidentally changed a zone shipping file, so looks like its more time replacing files.
  2. After installing easy populate, do i need to install individual shipping 4.5 full or just individual shipping V1? once V1 was installed i could see te new attributes in my easy populate however was getting an error the database doesn’t exist. After easy populate what steps should i take to allow me to have one product with a selection of sizes which have different shipping charges? Thanks
  3. skitom

    PayPal "This invoice has already been paid."

    I ended up as i was using the sandbox, changing in os commerce the paypal users email address to the sandbox seller (test) account instead of my real one. This solved my problem when testing with sand box, i dont know if i will be able to test it on the live paypal unless i set a product £0 or very cheap and see if it processes.
  4. skitom

    PayPal "This invoice has already been paid."

    I folloed instructions (http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/331996-how-to-setup-paypal-website-payments-standard/) on setting up paypal standard, however i get the same problem saying the invoice has already been paid. The solutions above talk about paypal IPN, do i need to install that as im only using paypal standard payments, i have also tried turning off the paypal invoice number checker thing to prevent duplicate orders with no luck. Help would be great Thanks