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  1. Joe_SagePay

    Payment URLS to change in October

    Hi everyone, After September 30th, many of the 'Old Protx URLs' will no longer be active. If you are using a shopping cart, a kit or a custom integration and think that you might be using the OLD URL's please ensure that you make the switch to the New URLs. I have provided a link below which should list all the URL's you will need. This is a really important change as if your integration uses the Old Protx URL's to process transactions, those transactions may stop processing if you continue to use the Old URLs after the date. https://www.sagepay.com/help/faq/new_sage_pay_urls Please let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards, Joe Here is some additional information about the URL change: https://www.sagepay.com/help/faq/why_do_i_have_to_change_to_the_sage_pay_payment_urls https://www.sagepay.com/help/faq/what_are_the_sage_pay_payment_urls https://www.sagepay.com/help/faq/what_is_the_sage_pay_protocol
  2. Joe_SagePay

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi Stewart! I'm great thanks! How are you? Things are very busy here with the recent rebrand and we are at Internet World also this week; I was there yesterday doing my bit to help where possible! If anyone is in town and in the Earls Court area, please come and visit us, it would be great to see you. DennieN - this is indeed a Form problem, rather than Direct - feel free to email me and I'll try and fix it for you. From a quick look though, you might have an upper case character in your encryption password where it should be lower case. I say this because of the following: http:/www.smileyprinT.co.uk/checkoutprocess.php?osCSid=8baf9c473c56d924ffa911afa9652d Notice the capitalised 'T' in prinT. I'd recommend you double check your encryption password to ensure that you have all the characters in the correct case. This is quite a common error but its hard to spot. Best wishes, Joe
  3. Joe_SagePay

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi everyone, If I can be any assistance to any of you, please feel free to contact me here on the board - by email or by private message. Sage Pay will indeed be at Internet World next week; we are hosting the 'Networking Lounge' area of Internet world and we will be there as Sage Pay (not Protx). I'd welcome anyone that is visiting Internet world to come and see us. We will have a number of experts and specialists on hand to answer questions and I'll be there as well if you need any advice or help with the Sage Pay service, or just have questions. Once again, please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you. Best wishes, Joe Sage Pay