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  1. i just found the ajax manager. i can use your method to add all of my new products (since i only have 2 in the database so far ;)) quickly, then go add the attribute templates. you so rock. thanks for your help and time!!
  2. here's a sample of a product of mine: http://dreadeddragon.net/shop/product_info...;products_id=30 and that's still missing four variants. the limit i hit with open office is that i ran out of columns. and i'm not sure i understand by groups. ?? even then, it won't matter. i need all 17 variants (all except for 1 of them has 32 - 44 options each). i guess i'm doing a lot of work by hand. thanks anyway. :)
  3. so sorry. i figured out what i was doing wrong. i needed to populate the option values before they could be assigned to the product. but now i've hit a new wall. i have 16 variants each with up to 44 options. i've even hit the wall for length in open office. i deleted the cut off value, added the eoreor line at the end and uploaded, and it DID update all of that info. but there were 7 variants cut off. i tried to add one of the columns that was cut off on it's own to the product (i.e. i created a spreadsheet with the product id and the one variant with all of the options) and it said the product was updated, but none of the changes are showing up for my product. i'm using windows vista, open office, and here is the header of my file. and yes, this is ONE variant. ~sighs~ i hate my friends! v_products_model v_products_name_1 v_attribute_options_id_12 v_attribute_options_name_12_1 v_attribute_values_id_12_1 v_attribute_values_name_12_1_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_1 v_attribute_values_id_12_2 v_attribute_values_name_12_2_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_2 v_attribute_values_id_12_3 v_attribute_values_name_12_3_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_3 v_attribute_values_id_12_4 v_attribute_values_name_12_4_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_4 v_attribute_values_id_12_5 v_attribute_values_name_12_5_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_5 v_attribute_values_id_12_6 v_attribute_values_name_12_6_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_6 v_attribute_values_id_12_7 v_attribute_values_name_12_7_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_7 v_attribute_values_id_12_8 v_attribute_values_name_12_8_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_8 v_attribute_values_id_12_9 v_attribute_values_name_12_9_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_9 v_attribute_values_id_12_10 v_attribute_values_name_12_10_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_10 v_attribute_values_id_12_11 v_attribute_values_name_12_11_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_11 v_attribute_values_id_12_12 v_attribute_values_name_12_12_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_12 v_attribute_values_id_12_13 v_attribute_values_name_12_13_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_13 v_attribute_values_id_12_14 v_attribute_values_name_12_14_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_14 v_attribute_values_id_12_15 v_attribute_values_name_12_15_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_15 v_attribute_values_id_12_16 v_attribute_values_name_12_16_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_16 v_attribute_values_id_12_17 v_attribute_values_name_12_17_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_17 v_attribute_values_id_12_18 v_attribute_values_name_12_18_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_18 v_attribute_values_id_12_19 v_attribute_values_name_12_19_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_19 v_attribute_values_id_12_20 v_attribute_values_name_12_20_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_20 v_attribute_values_id_12_21 v_attribute_values_name_12_21_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_21 v_attribute_values_id_12_22 v_attribute_values_name_12_22_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_22 v_attribute_values_id_12_23 v_attribute_values_name_12_23_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_23 v_attribute_values_id_12_24 v_attribute_values_name_12_24_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_24 v_attribute_values_id_12_25 v_attribute_values_name_12_25_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_25 v_attribute_values_id_12_26 v_attribute_values_name_12_26_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_26 v_attribute_values_id_12_27 v_attribute_values_name_12_27_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_27 v_attribute_values_id_12_28 v_attribute_values_name_12_28_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_28 v_attribute_values_id_12_29 v_attribute_values_name_12_29_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_29 v_attribute_values_id_12_30 v_attribute_values_name_12_30_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_30 v_attribute_values_id_12_31 v_attribute_values_name_12_31_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_31 v_attribute_values_id_12_32 v_attribute_values_name_12_32_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_32 v_attribute_values_id_12_33 v_attribute_values_name_12_33_1 v_attribute_values_price_12_33 EOREOR p.s. thanks for everything! i am most appreciative of the time this has saved me so far. :)
  4. another question now... i download, edit, and reupload. it shows my data string and the word "updated" but i don't see any changes in my store. :blink: um, am i doing something wrong?
  5. i read through this whole thing, but i couldn't find an answer to my question, so here goes. i installed easypopulate with no problems. i tested it with two products and only a handful of my variants set up and PERFECT! ... BUT! i am going to have 17 variants with up to 44 options for some of these variants. excel cuts off due to it's 256 max column length. any work arounds for this? i can open the file in my text editor (i use crimson editor) and can see all the info (when i turn on word wrap). if anyone has any ideas, i would love to hear them. :)