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    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    April 21, 2009 I got this working today. I'm no guru, just thought I'd share my installation experience. 1. You need a Fedex account. Their website sucks nads, so you may have to call them to get it done. (Seriously, their website is the most confusing, unhelpful website I've ever used). In certain places you will see that you need Meter ID, but don't worry. It gets automatically assigned once everything else is working. (You'll see if magically appear in your admin when all is done and you've tested successfully). 2. In case it's not obvious, everything you need is on this page: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1462. 3. I started with 2.07, then also grabbed the download for 2.07.2. The 2.07 file contains everything you need. The patch only contains one file: fedex1.php. The 2.07.2 patch also includes the 2.07.1 patch, so read it up on both of those to see if you need them. 4. Unzipped the 2.07 file into my directory structure. I didn't call my root directory "catalog" so it took some fudging to get the files in their right places. Thankfully there isn't many. And the zip wants to start of putting stuff in a directory called "fedex_direct_2.07". Not too helpful. 5. I took the fedex1.php file from the 2.07.2 patch and copied it over the original. It's in (home)/includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php. 6. I removed the other shipping modules in my admin that I had tooled around with. 7. At this point I during my first run, I originally ran the DB change file and installed the add-on and got errors. That's when I discovered the section in the readme file that had additional instructions. Not the original instructions, but instructions written by Richard Cranium 7 Mar 2009 on that page. I went and made the changes listed in Steps 2 and 3 (about 2/3 down through his readme file). (Also, there are a couple of notes just before Step 1 to look at) There's a pile of crap there that has you manually editing the categories file and one other. For some reason I made the changes exactly as he specified and still somehow missed a bracket at the end of: 'products_ship_sep' => '', 'manufacturers_id' => ''; Put one in ) just before that last semi-colon. 8. The database changes are made by a file fedex1.sql.php. Put it somewhere on your server, perhaps the home directory, and run it manually using your browser. Something like www.mywonderfulsite.com/fedex1.sql.php. Remove the file when you're done. 9. Install the add-on using the admin. Go through the config items, they should be pretty straight forward. Other than your Fedex account # and your address, the rest should be pretty close to default. There are some changes to make if you're a Canadian store, as I am. 10. When it's working in your store, go to the Fedex site and put in the same info for a quote and make sure the prices match your store. Final note: you should probably read the entire readme file if you have the time. I still haven't but I should. Hope that helps somebody.