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    skipjack incompatible

    Let me share my experience with Skipjack (we opened an account in 2006) - this is by far THE WORST IT company that is out there. This is NOT a joke. I beg you to find a company whose services simply do not perform CONSTANTLY, whose web site is worse (this is the only web site I have seen so far that has No LINKS - you have to close the page because you can't go anywhere - this is after processing a batch for instance). We process membership dues once a month for 500+ members. The file upload fails constantly, you call them - they admit there is a problem on "their end ", put you on hold for 10+ minutes and then ask you to try again. In the month of April I have already tried 3 times and still no luck. The level of support is very low, tech personnel is rude. The reporting module is a joke, overall a very cumbersome system to use. We are moving toward changing the provider, the only reason that stopped us so far is high cost (we had to reprogram our own system to work with Skipjack Financial Services) but this move is unavoidable. Avoid them at any cost! Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about my experience with Skipjack.