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  1. broker

    Links Manager II

    ok... sorry, i think next time i should wait posting on forums... i fixed it again, i used httpfox to check what was going wrong and it was that hidden field thing. thanks anyways
  2. broker

    Links Manager II

    what really strange is is that in the admin links manager II the link to links gives me a http 500? do you have any clue in what direction i need to look for this issue?
  3. broker

    Links Manager II

    yep, i found it, i just added: define('TABLE_HEADERTAGS_DEFAULT', 'headertags_default'); to the includes/database_tables.php and that problem is gone!
  4. broker

    Links Manager II

    Hello Jack, i want to make use of your fine contribusion, only i'm facing a strange issue: when i click on the links link i get this result: 1146 - Table 'dbname.table_headertags_default' doesn't exist select * from TABLE_HEADERTAGS_DEFAULT where language_id = '4' [TEP STOP] there is no table called table_headertags_default, but there is a table called headertags_default where in the code is it refering to that? thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys, i installed the last version, during ordering i can see the ip address, but it is not regestered in de database, i see its just empty. can somone please help? Thank you!
  6. Hello, i moved 2 stores to my hosting, from Linux platform to Windows/IIS/ISAPI. on the linux platform this worked fine, but now on the windows platform if you click on the more info at the hits today column there is only an empty site with times and all, but the real interesting information is missing... does someone have a clue?? Thank you