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  1. freeoscommerce

    adapt templates 2 for 3

    Creating a template for version 3 isn't that difficult, just take some time to look at the default template and understand how it works. When creating your new template, remember to create the admin/includes/templates/template_name.php file to let the admin section know there is a template there (you can just copy the default one and change the contents to reflect your template). If you want to take a look at some of the templates I've been creating to see what files are included or how I did it you can look at the site in my signature (this isn't an advertisement just citing an example that might help you out -- download one of the osCommerce templates -- it will include all of the file that need to be there for a new template). Though it's not that hard, it took me a little while to fully understand the template system ... now that I get it, making new templates is a breeze. Good luck
  2. freeoscommerce

    Adding Background

    Hi, Looks like the pages that are showing up with the black background are doing so because this is in the body tag: <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080" alink="#FF0000" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0"> ...not because you changed the stylesheet. You need to remove that stuff from the body tag (change these things with CSS)... Then, in your stylesheet, remove the '/' in front of images background-image : url(/images/black-bg.jpg); should be... background-image : url(images/black-bg.jpg);