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  1. 1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'suppliers_group_id' at row 1 insert into suppliers (suppliers_group_name, suppliers_group_id, suppliers_percentage, suppliers_name, suppliers_password) values ('SoftGr', '', '10', 'softgr', '1a1dc91c907325c69271ddf0c944bc72') [TEP STOP] I installed this mod but i get this error when i try to add a new supplyer. I run the shop local using easyphp. Any ideas? Thank you
  2. modify checkout_process.php with loop until eof select from orders_products products_email(a new field) and send email all products list only with this email if products more than one in the order just an idea.
  3. I was thinking to link an email to every manufacturer (extra field) so when an order is made an email will go to that address based on the product ordered. Is that possible you think?
  4. Well i searched almost all database but nothing found. Please a link. Thank you.
  5. I did try to find something first but no luck... Maybe i missed it. Can i have a link if possible. Thank you.
  6. Hello i want to add an extra field when add new products that will contain an email address. When that product is added to an order i want the products owner to get an email with all orders details but with products only with his email if more than one. I am building a mall system. Thank you.