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    Yes--I really missed 2 files in the english folder. I added them and now the monitor works fine. Thanks a lot. The only issue I got is a warning when I opened the monitor: WARNING: Your images directory is not protected by a .htaccess file.
  2. larryh001


    Hi, Jack, When I click "admin" of the site monitor, I got the following messages:ERROR_IMAGES_NOT_PROTECTED and TEXT_MISSING_VERSION_CHECKER Could you please tell me how to fix? Thanks!
  3. larryh001


    Hi, Jack_mcs, I just installed your SiteMonitor v2.7. When I tried to set the TEXT_SITEMONITOR_CONFGIURE_SETUP, I got some errors and warnings, like failed to open dir: No such file or directory. I changed my admin name to something else before I installed this addons. So, my question is, is the error or warning related to the admin name change? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have the new products module on the frontpage of my oscommerce website. It currently displays a gallery of a preset number of items. WHAT I WANT, is to have it display what it is currently displaying, and then to offer an option to go to the next page of all products on my website. thanks
  5. Hi, Farrukh: I got 2 questions on how to installing the add-ons/all-products.php: 1. After I unzipped the add-on package, what folders/files should I use and where to put the folder on my root directory? 2. How to run the allprods.sql file as in the readme file? Thanks!