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  1. i have pieces of a puzzle to who may concern give me a quote programming the following: briefing: - a Customer needs to login (USER) - USER will pick items and add to cart - once in the "Cart Contents" right next to "CHECKOUT" button will have a "SAP CHECKOUT" button with POST METHOD programming in order to send the information content in the cart to the USER end. No records need it in OSC, no tracking on what was selected, OSC will work only as a One Line Catalog not checkout need it. some records will need to be extract from OSC database and others automatic response. Any PHP, OSC or SAP programmer who could do this post method programming and create this punch out need please contact me ASAP. Quote will be need it and start working inmediately after the info is sent Regards Daniel Gomez
  2. desarrollospro

    SAP Business One Connector for osC from LewiLew

    Hi Vader I want to know information about how to integrate oscommerce with SAP, example: if my customer get in to my oscommerce website and buy something he need to received a file so he can process it in his own SAP system. OF course the file needs to be programmed in certain way that fits his system. Please let me know if you know how. Regards