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    Interested and works in PHP, Mysql, Cake PHP, osCommerce, Joomla, wordpress, template integration, customization, installation of contributions, extension and plugins with search engine optimization and holds expertise in these areas.
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  1. Praful Kamble

    Quantity offer

    @@pmk001 Yes, you can do this using product attributes. And if you want to manage the quantity for each item attribute then you can also use QTPRO addon. Its easy to work and easy to handle.
  2. Praful Kamble

    CCGV for 2.3.4 missing in Admin Tool

    @@Teddy K It will be under admin>>modules>>order total.
  3. Praful Kamble

    ccavenue payment module

    @@sanjayjain Take a look at the PHP manual for eregi. eregi is depricated. You can use the preg_match function instead.
  4. Praful Kamble

    Searching Addon

    @@Nathaniel There is Ajax Search Suggest for OsCommerce , check it.
  5. Praful Kamble

    Curly question about Currency conversion on order total

    @@bigbird_3156 Which Payment Gateway are you using?
  6. Praful Kamble

    Free Product with every purchase

    @@design4dotcom Hi Michelle, Please try Get 1 Free addon. Go through feature from addon page.
  7. Praful Kamble

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    @@prinshaw No, they do not provide addon. You have to integrate their code with osCommerce standard.
  8. Praful Kamble

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    @@prinshaw Hi Prince, You have to subscribe for HDFC merchant services. Once you subscribed they provide development KIT which has all instructions.
  9. Praful Kamble

    dynamic_sitemap error

    @@bob8650 This is the right thread to get answer. Please check.
  10. Praful Kamble

    How to implement fixed pricing in oscommerce version 2.3

    @@ambersports Hope this addon will work for you.
  11. Praful Kamble

    Adding a Text box in product attributes

    @@bonsey Yes, it will.
  12. Praful Kamble

    Adding a Text box in product attributes

    @@bonsey Check this addon.
  13. @@developer866 Hope this post will help you.
  14. Praful Kamble

    Estimated Shipping Cost

    @@ram39 Hi Ramakrishnan, You might missed some code syntax like closing "?>". Please check your files code and correct.
  15. Praful Kamble

    paypal passing error

    @@areamesh Hi Ramesh, You cart total is not going to paypal.