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  1. hi i would like to know if i can link my shop to my forums so that people that join my forums can use that account on the shop as well rather than setting up another account as i find it annoying myself as admin going to the shop and having to log in again is there anyway of sharing the database of information with the shop for members ? my shop is ecommerce v2.2 rc2 and i have phpbb forums 3.0.4 hopefully i cann do this or something along them line anyone wanna help please note though i cant write html i aint stupid but be frank please :) (saves asking stupid questions)
  2. Martain

    having a little trouble help please

    ok so im downloading jacks one cheers for your help guys is very much appriecated
  3. Martain

    having a little trouble help please

    ok i found jacks version so not that one ?
  4. Martain

    having a little trouble help please

    hmmm i thi k i posted in wrong section my oscommerce is version v2.2 rc2 so is the version i downloaded compatiable should i download your version instead ? lost
  5. Martain

    having a little trouble help please

    hmmm confuzzled, so download another version and install? that topic is hundreds of pages long is it on a particular page or ? should i follow new steps
  6. hi sorry if its not in the right place (famous words on a forum) trying to install ultimate seo url's v2.7 all good til i get to this Error SQL query: ALTER TABLE 'categories_description' ADD 'categories_seo_url'VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ; MySQL said: Documentation #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''categories_description' ADD 'categories_seo_url' VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL' at line 1 Which comes up when i paste ALTER TABLE 'categories_description' ADD 'categories_seo_url' VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ; ALTER TABLE 'products_description' ADD 'products_seo_url' VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL; in sql quires i have done a search but with no avail please help me im not thick but i not an expert so please try to be blunt with me :P