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  1. No, iOSC doesn't have mobile/advanced_search.php. Why is it causing problem? Is any page referring to it?


    It is causing a 404 error because it is looking for http://your.domain.com/mobile/advanced_search.php. This only occurs if you click on the search button, then click on either the arrow on the other side of keyword or the arrow on the other side of Manufacturers.


    Those are the only pages referring to the advanced_search.php file.



  2. Bumbarash/dimitryous,


    It does the same thing in IE and Firefox. What is actually happening is that when I go to http://your.domain.com/mobile the header comes up with store, search, account, about, languages, however, I don't see the Catalog banner nor the Catalog content. It works in my tests at the house but when I put it on the site, I have this issue.


    I can pm you guys the url so you can see what I am saying, if needed.


    Also, on your site and in my tests, the advanced_search.php script is missing, which is causing 404 errors.