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  1. It's in ot_coupon.php in order total folder. I found the redirection link and commented it. Not the best way to tackle but somewhat working. Thanks
  2. Hello! Does anyone know how can we add the customer details in Customer table as right now it goes to order table? Thanks
  3. Thanks Steve. It worked. I am facing another problem about the coupon. This is the query string I get checkout.php?payment_error=ot_coupon. The coupon gets validated by validate button but still it redirects with the same error. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Thanks for replying. The direct URLS didn't work. Although I roamed around here and disabled sts, which made it work. Any idea how can I have both STS and OPC together? Also how can I find the version of the osc? Mine is custom made and couldn't find the version Thanks
  5. Hi! The payment and shipping fields does not populate and also the billing method does not get activated. The error on firebug is $.ajaxq is not a function [break on this error] $.ajaxq('orderUpdate', o);\n I think js files are not called properly. Any ideas
  6. No problem it worked. Thanks
  7. Nothing is changed . I still get login.php. The admin has one page checkout and it is checked to true. The admin side seems to work fine but show any change on the front
  8. Hello! I have trouble completing the installation. I cannot find catalog/includes/modules/payment/protx_direct.php and catalog/protx_process.php So i cannot complete changes in it. Can anybody help?