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  1. cdsdirect

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack To start I wanted to say Thank you, this is a great tool. I install it and everythis was going good. I was in admin and ran the test and had no issues other that double discriptions. that was not the issue. when I returned to the main page i recieced an error that said "data base (my DB #)heardertag does not exsit use default headertag if language=1 " and the site went down. I check my DB and every thing was there, I double check to make sure all files were uploaded and in the right Dir and the admin page seam to be running fine. After several attempts to fix the problem. I unistalled the DB and replaced all the files with my backups to get the site back up. Any suggestions Thank you Rick Ford
  2. cdsdirect

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    I am reaaly new to this all so please bear with me. I very much would like to use the carousel. I down loaded it and copied it to my catolog folder and nothing happens. I have looked all over and really need someone to tell me what to do next Thank you