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  1. NickTheMonkey

    Customised Items with multiple options

    Thank you gents. It has been a bit of a headache for me this issue. I found Child Attributes for Osc 2.3.1, it said with some working it could be used for more sub options. Its such a bizarre thing that os commerce is so flexible with layout, but so rigid with products. My misses is busting my sack to get this done in a week. Where did you write about your idea, I don't find it that clear but the possibility of keeping my partner makes me intrigued to learn more.....
  2. NickTheMonkey

    Customised Items with multiple options

    I'm guessing it wasn't an easy task @@mattjt83 . Did you modify it yourself? if so did you use/make an add-on/forum post giving advice that I can run my eyes open. We want to be finished in two weeks, if os-commerce isn't the right platform then i'll have to look elsewhere. It doesn't have to limit the options placed on each order, someone could/do order a bike with two seats and then at the same time order a second bike with two sets of pedals. If you think there is a better free/cheap option to my problem I'll happily explore that option, i've just used OS-commerce before and thought it a nicely customisable shop front. Thank you two for your advise, no amount of reading can replace hands on experience
  3. NickTheMonkey

    Customised Items with multiple options

    Thank you, I don't suppose you could point me towards the chocolate site please? Will try contact them for advice.
  4. Let me paint an example picture. I sell bikes, you can choose a frame, add handle bars, put on brakes and choose a colour to paint it etc. So I ask those of you with experience. 1) Is OS commerce flexible enough to accommodate this level of options easily? 2) Is there a mod to make the options, values and attributes section easier to edit and play around with? 3) If someone wanted to add decals, could I have a button they could click to add one decal, then press again to add another decal, then again for a third decal and so on adding cost as they went. Thank you all in advance for your mastery, I am capable of installing add ons and have had some success adapting old add ons to suit the newer OS-commerce version. Nick
  5. NickTheMonkey

    Photo Album

    How much effort would it take to strip the full osCommerce program down to behave like a photo album which could be run with the normal store but as an extra page. Each photo would be like a product without any option to buy. When you upload each picture it would be like filling in a product attributes except they have a title, a photographer, maybe model and a description. They would go under different categories like products do except that the whole thing is separate to the shop. The reviews bit would be retitled to be comments. Ideally it would have ultimate pics or similar to thumbnail and maybe have multiple pictures under one section. I would love to be able to try this out but my knowledge of the detailed workings of the data bases and such is below basic. You can call me cheeky but I just have an idea and a hope someone would pick it up and make it their own.
  6. NickTheMonkey

    Image add on

    To start with I MUST say that this forum is a wealth of knowledge and experience, of all my problems I have had so far this is the first time I have had to ask a question and before I started my site I had never touched php. I have seen the wonderful articles by Chance on How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Websiteand How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site and took a great big sigh as I don't feel I am capable of ticking all those boxes. main problem is Picture handling,I tried OscThumb and it didn't speed up my site, it slowed it down and the ability to change the listing image size and product image size didn't work but it would be really usefull to be able to have them at different sizes. But I reverted it back and want to try Ultra pics as I read that I can upload my own thumbnails,(bit more of an effort but it takes two extra clicks after making the main image)does anyone have a better add on or could tell me which file/s I need from the contribution page please. I would also like to semisecure my pictures as we take all of our own photos for the site and it really bugs me when people use other peoples pictures when they aren't even mine so if it happened to me I would be super bugged. In short I would like: Thumbnails that are not browser resized Multiple pictures of items Nice smooth pop up images when you click to enlarge them Anything else that could improve the handling and viewing of pictures. Image protection without resorting to sticking watermarks all over the items I am trying to display. My site is here and the add ons I have put in place are currently ot_discount_coupon_codes_3_34_1 add_button_back_1_3 Print Order Receipt v1.5 update rm_uk_2-2-0_1 show-soldout-v1.2 customer_sort_admin_v1.8 only for OSC2.2RC2A recaptcha-php-1.10 more_product_weight_v100 SecurityPro_1.0.2 Thanks in advance and apologies if all my answers are somewhere already, I have read discussions about what to use etc, but no one puts their finger square on one thing and like ultra pics, no one says this is the file you want.