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    jashelea got a reaction from impejo in Newsletter & Subscribers v055 - 1146 - Table '...' doesn't exist...?   
    I have installed Newsletter & Subscribers v055, installation went smoothly, everything came up nicely on the site, but when testing (after I submitted my name and email) I get taken to a page that says this...
    "1146 - Table 'cart_alternatykes_com_au.subscribers' doesn't exist
    select subscribers_id from subscribers where subscribers_email_address = '---' "
    What does this mean? Is this something to do with admin, or mysql? Having a total brain blank moment (plus I'm relatively new to all this...).
    Also, I went to admin to try and see if I could fix this, and found more error-type writing...
    When I clicked on "Newsletter Default" under the Newsletter heading, i get this
    "1146 - Table 'cart_alternatykes_com_au.subscribers_default' doesn't exist
    select p.news_id, p.module_subscribers, p.header, p.status from subscribers_default p order by p.date_added desc
    [TEP STOP]"
    When I clicked on "update Table" I get this...
    "1146 - Table 'cart_alternatykes_com_au.subscribers_update' doesn't exist
    select count(*) as total from subscribers_update
    [TEP STOP]"
    And when I clicked on "Sunscribers Admin" I get this...
    "1146 - Table 'cart_alternatykes_com_au.subscribers' doesn't exist
    select count(*) as total from subscribers c
    [TEP STOP]"
    I've obviously missed something, but have checked through the installation instructions and don't think I have mised anything? :blush: