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  1. Hello, where can i get that contribution? thnxs
  2. hello, (and sorry for my english) i have trouble about fix amount in discount code: max amouunt of discount is 999. i need more amount of fix discount. do yu have some idea how can i do that?. plese if you can give me some tip...really needed. thnxs im using ot_discount_coupon_codes_3_33
  3. hi. thanxs for your help. anyone knows how to fix this problem?. i need to solve the same trouble wenak_tenan post: Recently i have download discount coupon module at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4269, and install to my site successfully. Hm..it's so great , but then the problem come. I have set my discount amount to 125000. But when i check to my site, the discount amount just only 1000, what?? Then i check again to my admin control panel and edit the discount amount. I see the default max. amount is 999.999999, . I think this module has been set to USD currency default only. So i try to find to change it. But i didn't find how to change this limited amount . Any one can help me?? Because my site didn't use USD, EUR, GBP. But i use asian currencies.
  4. fetish

    How to change discount amount ?

    i have the same trouble... please help. tnxs