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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having problems with finding where the code is to change 2 things... The new items box (standard on the bottom of the index page) is still in black. I wanted to change this to another color but i can't seem to find where to do this. I've had a look in the stylesheet.css and in the code that makes up this table but i can't find where to do this. I also had a look with Firebug, It shows me that the tag <td bgcolor="#000000"> is responsable for this but when i look for using dreamweaver (search entire site) it doesn't find a single tag in the entire site. I'm using STS v4.5.3 and an extra language as addon. The second thing that i cannot figure out is where to change the width of the border of the infoboxes. They now have a large (about 3-4px) black border around them also this has cost me many hours to find out where this can be adjusted. Thanks in advance guys. Niki P.S. you can find the webshop itself here