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  1. gabrielwebdesigner

    SEO--root folder or /catalog?

    hi!! :blink: I'm installing ultimate seo url's.In the install manual,precise in the step STEP #8 - Edit .htaccess file (in your catalog directory), came this question inside my head... My website will be mainlly a install of oscommerce,plus a welcome page.Initially I was ready to install oscommerce in a sub folder,and live the root folder to insert the welcome page. But now that i'm installing several modules for SEO,i'm NOT sure,if it wouldn't be better to have the oscommerce in the main root folder and create the welcome page inside a sub folder or subdomain(this page would be just a picture with a link"enter")... If someone could give me some light:) thanks
  2. gabrielwebdesigner

    Italian language doesn't have .sql file?!?!?!

    hi, the instructions,they are only in italian,and they say exactly this: that you have to upload the files, then create a new language in the admin cpanel of oscommerce. So i think you answer my question already,because what you said is that:"you have to use the admin area to add Italian",so it means that a language that contain a .sql file doesn't need to be insert in the admin panel.is that correct?And if a language doesn't come with a.sql ,all you have to do is upload the files and create the languages in the admin,is that correct? thanks
  3. hi to all! I'm new here and i have a question.... Anyone knows why the italian language pack for osc doesn't come with a .sql file??????? By the way ,someone can tell me if a install a language without .sql whats happen? thanks so much