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  1. Pektsekye,

    You can contact me at jreichsfeld@pacesetterexhaust.com

  2. Pektsekye,

    Is there a manual install for php 5.1.6?

  3. Guest

    Hey Pektsekye,

    can you please contact me at santiago@santiagollc.com

    I installed your PWA and it is not working at all. I would send the scrit but will not fit here


  4. sorry I mean the auto installer

  5. Hi, thanx for the idea but I am having this problem

    You should set 777 permissions for:

    4 directories:





    and more, I did that but the screen won't change, any ideas,

  6. Guest

    Hey Pektsekye,

    can you please contact me at (Demoman) at info(at)demutrading.nl? I am having trouble using the autoinstaller for the YMM contribution in my website.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hey Pektsekye,

    When you get this, please contact me (DemonAngel) at jchharvey[at]gmail.com as I'm having an issue with the Year Make Model (YMM) add-on.


  8. I go the reply but and that worked (there is an error on line 367 - posted at the line above) But then when my entire site went to hell and I had to uninstall the contribution - not the site is ok - there are serious problems with this contribution

  9. Can you please see my post at http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/353214-extra-pages-info-box-w-admin/ - I am desperate to get this working - appreciate any help!

  10. Hey, I have a few proposals for improving the autoinstaller.

    1) To get rid of the need to chmod every file that will be changed one can implement an FTP function instead. No need to chmod when uploading via FTP.

    2) Implement the autoinstaller as a feature in admin where tar.gz or zip packages could be uploaded and implemented on the fly.

  11. auto-installer needed for discount coupon module. please let me know when the release is due for the 3.34 disc module.



  12. Is there anyway to contact you directly? I tried sending you a message on here but it won't go through. I have some specific questions about YMM and using it on my site. I'd be more than willing to pay your for your time! please email sales at modulardepot.com if you're interested

  13. Your YMM contribution is awesome! How can we use Easy Populate to work with your YMM. I have over 70,000 auto parts to input... to do them manually will be brutal. Here's the link to Easy Populate Contribution: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/500


  14. Thanks for the YMM contri. Is there a faster way to use it, like with EP? The more than 50.000 products on optitune.nl are killing me! :)

  15. Hi Stanislav!

    If possible , please help me. I have problems with istalling sort order contribution. See my problem, posted in forum:


    Best regards,