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  1. maumauns

    PC Pro Creator

    Hi man I really like ur special's addon Where did u find it?
  2. maumauns

    PC Pro Creator

    Hi, Im from Brazil I would like to know, how change the exibition of prices Because here in Brazil it's different from the others countries decimal point: , thousands point: . How can I change this part??
  3. maumauns

    Dynamic SiteMap

    I made the changes 3.5.10 to 4.1. One problem here, my Site Map Page, is all the things are in center, how put it on the left, again?? http://www.sulamericainformatica.com.br/dynamic_sitemap.php
  4. Someone can help me telling how put a lightbox on this contribuition? I've this working very good, now i need put a lightbox on it.
  5. Very good module, thx so much I wanna put this showing my Specials not mine new products, how can I do it?
  6. maumauns

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    First of all Very nice module. Thx so much... Hi dude, I was having the same problem like u, I just give 777 permission to the pcs_images, and everything is working fine right now. Try it. I would like to know how to remove the texts below the slide and put the buttons inside the slideshow, Is there any way??
  7. Alguem sabe um sistema que gere boleto de cobrança que possa me passar??