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    Mail Manager

    Hello, can anyone help me with the image size from tell_a_friend.php module? I don't know how to make the image smaller in the e-mail as my image is 500x500px and it displayes at his size in email ... :) I think this is the code (below) but I don't know how to change attributes ... I tried to change with fixed size but it doesn't work. $product_image = tep_image($image_urlfix.DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image'], $product_info['products_name'], '', '', ''); $product_name = $product_info['products_name']; Thank you in advance! PS: npn2531 are you still there? :) This contribution is wonderful but I would like to use it also for order editor and I need some advice of how can I integrate it with it ...
  2. cristiwww

    Mail Manager

    Also, working with Recover Cart Sale would be nice ... there is an option for an automated e-mail sent to customer who let tehir product in cart for some reason.... Very nice contrib!!!
  3. cristiwww

    Mail Manager

    Hello, any chance to have this great contrib working with Order Editor contribution? (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1435/v,22). I'm sure that most of oscommerce admins use this contrib in order to edit some customer orders from admin ... Order editor have the option of "Send new order confirmation e-mail" but the order is sent in plain text ... Also, I have another question: is there any possibility for the admin to receive the order in html format also? I see that customer receive the order in html but I receive it in plain text (I have set an e-mail address in My Store at Send Extra Order Emails to ...). Is it normal to be like this?
  4. Great contrib ... but 1. My store uses decimal prices so, if I put the special price, let's say 2,67 and the product price is 2,99 I receive the fallowing error: Sale Price 2 must be less than Product Price 2. The only way to make this work is to put a procentage instead. But if I want to modify something to that special product I receive again the same message. If I don't modify anything then works. 2. I use the date format like: dd/mm/yyyy. This format is set up in admin and catalog site so it works. But even if specials_maintenance.php display this format (dd/mm/yyyy) in Start date and End date column when I enter some values the following error is displayed: End Date: 07/11/2011 must be greater than Start Date: 31/10/2011!! (I'm sure that the end date is greater than start date :)) ) I would like to use this contrib but I cannot :( Also, the problem with "Special Product Limit quantity 0 must be less than Product quantity 0!!" force an admin who doesn't use stock in his shop to go every time to the product page to update the product stock before he can make it special. This is taking some extra time and in my opinion is not good... Waiting for an update ... the idea is great but still need some work
  5. cristiwww

    Facebook Connect Support Thread

    Hello, I need help for two problems. 1. How can I setup fb connect to display the correct birthdate in create_account.php? My store is setup to show/input the birthdate in dd/mm/yyyy format but when try to create a new account via facebook connect the birthdate is autocompleted like mm/dd/yyyy. 2. Does anyoane succeded to put the facebook login button in loginbox.php column? It doesn't look great to have fb login only in login.php and create_account.php and not in column left, if you use loginbox.php, of course. Thank you in advance, Cristi
  6. cristiwww

    Header Tags SEO

    Sorry, I found alone the solution reading how to use the sort order. But I still have a problem: if I don't want to have manufacturer and/or category name in title (on product page) how can I take it off? I tried to deactivate them but still apear in title. The only thing I can do is to set the order and put them after the Product Name. The idea is that I would like to have in TITLE only the product name (first) and, eventually, default title (second). Thanks!
  7. cristiwww

    Header Tags SEO

    HI, Thank you for this great contrib! I would like to have displayed The Title on my product_info page like this: Product Name - Product Category - Default Title Currently is: Category - Manufacturer - Product Name. The problem is that I don't know how to setup the product name to be the first. If somebody can help me pls. Thanks in advance!