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  1. h2oHOH

    PayPal Module

    Should accomplish the same...seems this should be set to '0' by default, good info and solution...
  2. I have always had R-globals off and the htaccess file in the .../paypal_ipn/... folder made it work... Try to open yourSite.com/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php in a browser...A blank page will show up if there is no problem accessing this script. If you can't access this script... access denied or file not found, make sure the permissions are set to 755 for all folders and 644 for ipn.php Also check your sever logs for errors
  3. h2oHOH

    problem with paypal - please help!

    or read THIS
  4. h2oHOH

    Paypal module currency problem

    See if THIS will get it Working...?
  5. h2oHOH

    Error with Paypal module

    If you have your file/folder permissions set correctly then - it may be a server issue...check your server error logs... maybe 'mod-security module'... it can be turned off fully or partially with .htaccess file...MORE if so, your web host should be able to help with this
  6. h2oHOH

    Paypal module currency problem

    I have never installed AUD currency, or that contribution, just remember reading those threads... Have you installed the AUD currency in Admin > Localization > Currencies > new currency...
  7. h2oHOH

    Need Help adding Google Check-out :Fatal Error Line 43

    Put the googlecheckout folder in the root directory, there are also other files you will need to follow the instructions to install... my best guess is you should just delete OSC_DIR/catalog from all address paths. I have never installed this version of GC... find the latest version, v1.5, that is quite easy to install, at the link ...HERE
  8. h2oHOH

    PayPal Installation

    For PP Standard take a look at THIS before running that script ...make a backup of your database.... To run the SQL go to your host C-panel... then find 'databases' and the link to phpmyadmin ... once open click the link to your site's database from the list on the left ...then click "SQL" on the top navigation bar... In the Run SQL window paste your SQL script... 'click Go' on bottom right to 'enter'...that's it
  9. The PP ipn creates a record of each order in the db before it is sent to PP. If orders are not returning data back from PayPal, then it is possible that "Register Globals" is not set On. You can do this by creating a htaccess text file with the following: php_flag register_globals on Then FTP the file to catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/
  10. h2oHOH

    Paypal module currency problem

    You should add new currency in admin, read THIS, or install THIS.... Most unexpected T_CLASS and T_STRING errors are caused by missing comma ',' extra or misplaced braces. '{ }' or '<? ?>'. If none of these, you could try putting a line break after the opening <?php, and delete any spaces before...
  11. h2oHOH

    Error with Paypal module

    You should contact your host for help if you cannot change file permissions
  12. h2oHOH

    Error with Paypal module

    If you mean setting file/folder permissions... DO NOT use your FTP program, you should log into your host web account, open the C-Panel (Control Panel), open the 'file manager', then navigate to your osC directory, select a file/folder and choose 'set permissions'...
  13. h2oHOH

    Error with Paypal module

    Set folders to 755, files to 644, except the 2 configure.php files - 444, Use your host c-panel - file manager to change permissions instead of FTP, which is unreliable... admin folder should have password protection thru either htaccess, or c-panel password protect folder... You could also read through THIS
  14. h2oHOH

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Glad you got it working.... I installed PayPal_IPN_2_3_4_7 and that line of code is already there.... with an additional 'else' statement, in the 'Tax pre item fix by AlexStudio' // BOF Tax pre item fix by AlexStudio $parameters['amount'] = number_format(($subtotal + $order->info['tax']) * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency)); } else { // default $parameters['amount'] = number_format($subtotal * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency)); // EOF Tax pre item fix by AlexStudio } so if you have any additional problems you may want to upgrade to the latest PP ipn install
  15. h2oHOH

    Need help with Installing google checkout HELPPPP

    The 'OSC_DIR' is an identifier and not part of the address path, so it should read: OSC_DIR: catalog/googlecheckout. You should install the most current module, v1.5, that can be found HERE, and use the install instructions found there