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    Is there any way to see in the admin which customers have unused Gift Voucher balances?
  2. mom2twins

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Okay well I came up with a fix for the discount coupon problem. When I downloaded and installed Order Editor, I also downloaded and installed "Proper QT Pro add-on for Order Editor V2" that was also listed on the Order Editor add on page. Proper QT Pro add-on for Order Editor is what is causing the coupon codes to not be applied after you edit an order. To fix this, I simply got rid of Proper QT Pro add-on for Order Editor by re-uploading the new files that originally came with Order Editor, thus overwriting the files that were modified with Proper QT Pro add-on for Order Editor. Without the Proper QT Pro add on, I am not able to have an extremely accurate stock amount, but that is not something that is as important to me as being able to have the coupon codes and the correct order totals when using Order Editor. So, you win some you lose some. Hopefully this will work for others who were having this same problem! :)
  3. mom2twins

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I am having the same problem and really need a solution to this. Anyone have any ideas? I am willing to make a contribution as well! If I can't find a fix, I'll have to uninstall this which would be a bummer. :(
  4. mom2twins


    Oh wow. I am a blond! I uploaded all the files for the catalog includes side but not the admin includes side. DUH! Thanks for the help! :)
  5. mom2twins


    I double checked that, it's in there correctly. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  6. mom2twins


    Installed everything and it all seems okay, but I cannot go to my admin. I get this error: Warning: require(includes/affiliate_application_top.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/bout/public_html/admin/includes/application_top.php on line 236 Warning: require(includes/affiliate_application_top.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/bout/public_html/admin/includes/application_top.php on line 236 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'includes/affiliate_application_top.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/bout/public_html/admin/includes/application_top.php on line 236 Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!
  7. mom2twins

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    When I try to do the SEO-G Reports and notify Google, Yahoo, and Ask.com I get this error: Warning: fopen(/home/bout/public_html/sitemap.xml.gz) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/bout/public_html/admin/seo_reports.php on line 114 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/bout/public_html/admin/seo_reports.php:114) in /home/bout/public_html/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 22 Any ideas on a fix?
  8. mom2twins

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I have searched through this as well as I can and haven't been able to find a solution for my problem. Google base fails and gives me this error: "We didn't understand the header (first) row of your file. Please make sure you're using valid attribute names." If I go to either of these files, it also has errors: http://www.2lilangelsboutique.com/product_feed.txt http://www.2lilangelsboutique.com/googlebase.php I followed the instructions to a T so if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :) Edited to add, I just noticed I'm using SEO-G and not Ultimate SEO, will this contribution still work for me?
  9. mom2twins

    Image subdirectory support + Ultrapics

    Thanks for the reply, I will try this today!
  10. mom2twins

    Review Approval System

    Everything with this contribution is working well for me except once a customer adds a review, they are directed back to the product info page, instead of the review notice page. I've checked the product_reviews_write.php page and it all seems to be in there correctly, but obviously it's not because it's not working. Any ideas?
  11. I'm wanting my product images to be in a subdirectory in the images folder like this: catalog/images/products I have looked at a couple of addons but I can't seem to get them to work because I'm using Ultrapics. Does anyone know how I can have my product images uploading into catalog/images/products while using Ultrapics? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. mom2twins

    Simple Visitor Newsletter

    I think I've finally got this add on working for me, except for one part. There is not unsubscribe link in the email being sent out, even though I have installed the appropriate addon for the unsubscribe link to show up in the email. I've checked the installation over and over and can't seem to figure out why the unsubscribe link is not there. Any ideas?
  13. WOW. Okay, I have been working on this ALL DAY LONG. I have FINALLY fixed the problem. Others might know this but I obviously did not. When you make sure cURL is working, it probably by default will not be working with SSL. Apparently, you have to specify that you want cURL complied with PHP - AND working with SSL. Once I had that fixed, it all works perfectly. Now, don't ask me how to actually make the fix, I don't know. My husband has his own server and once I told him that I saw another post that mentioned making this change, he was like "oh, yah ok" and went and fixed it. So, just ask your hosting provider to make sure cURL is working with SSL. I hope this helps someone else!
  14. I'm at my wits end here. :( I have the same error as many people: "- Your credit card could not be authorized for this reason. Please correct any information and try again or contact us for further assistance." Does ANYONE have any new ideas on how to fix this??? I have literally been through every single page of this thread and tried every single solution and none of them are working for me. I have verified all of my server/osc/auth.net settings over and over and over and they are all correct based on the requirements for this module. If anyone can provide any new solution, I would be grateful.
  15. mom2twins

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thank you, that helped very much! :)